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This page will list all the crap that failed to pass the smell test of rules set forth on my evidence page:

Anyone who wants to buy into whatever is posted here probably wouldn't make a very credible witness against me, but if you want to go with their story, by all means. Just realize there isn't anything supporting it. You can say anything. And most of my more ardent detractors do :)

I will post the original poster's name in each comment.  If they want more exchange, they must post on the evidence page according to the rules provided there.


  • Cody, you failed to document anything in your submission, so as promised, it’s been moved here to the garbage page. But I am bothering to respond to this one post here in a bit of detail just to illustrate my patience, even with such pernicious detractors like you. If you resubmit your “evidence” to the evidence page according to the published rules, I would be happy to address your specific claims and allow comments there.

    However, since again, you’re one of the worst offenders (but not really a seminal one), I am glad you responded first. You are just the kind of obsessively unrelenting attacker that sets up the daily “#abusivefuck” narrative who refuses to let me just enjoy Twitter unless it is done in some way that satisfies you and your grudge against me. Your attacks encourage others to do the same (by design).

    While certainly one of my most virulent attackers, you were never that important to me because you never seemed to tie your attacks to anything all too specific. The consensus of my friends was that you just wanted some kind of attention from me and your nature was to demand it with insults, invective, stridency, or whatever else might seem to work. I gave up trying to refute your angry and contrarian narratives when no approach ever seemed to mollify you for more than a few hours. I don’t come to Twitter to respond to Cody Kessler’s latest rant or complaint. Surprising, perhaps, and I am sorry about that, but my life only has so many minutes, and you’ve already consumed far too many of them.

    As for your submission, I never did any of the things you claim above, nor have you documented any evidence that I did. Anything you ever posted here before was self-serving posturing that made no sense to me, then or now, referring to things that I didn’t even understand. Nor did you clarify when asked about them. Just because you feel offense, doesn’t entitle you to time and attention for a response. I need specifics, not drive-by insults such as the comments you enjoy leaving here and on @Karoli’s blog.

    While once we were famously friendly, you’ve been continually angry and hostile toward me in public, often to the head shaking wonderment of anyone who witnesses it in the #p2 feed. You have posted a lot of accusations here with no context, evidence, or rationale to justify your two year vendetta, long after I stopped accepting anyone’s unmoderated comments on this blog.

    Your memory is nearly as strange as your ongoing grudge. I defended you against those very attacks (Ratboy, Baconmitts, and other trolls long forgotten) on you for well over a year, after they bullied and harassed you relentlessly, often when no one else would. I was so effective at it, in fact, that they eventually turned on me, and never stopped. I even tried to help you locate some of the people attacking you (some of that will still be in the public record). My reward was your then going off on me daily almost ever since I had offended you deeply by making a remark about Michael Jackson after his untimely death. Our relationship was never the same after that.

    Over time, while I continued to block and unblock you to see if you would be civil, you continued to harass me with impromptu contrarian harangues and rants on issue after issue, simply because I didn’t agree with your analysis of things you felt you were an expert at and got no respect for from me. That the Teaparty was “irrelevant,” for example, or that my lack of fealty to many @msnbc personalities was the heart of Progressives’ problem in the media. Rather than make coherent and sustainable arguments, your style is to browbeat opponents with cloaked invective and insult, punctuated by throwing links at them which you rarely provide cogent rationale for doing. Your style of digital rock throwing, so common in Second Life where you enjoyed spending so much time had annoyed many in the #p2 stream, not just me.

    After asking you nicely in emails and in our public streams to please stop the daily churlish insults you would hurl, I eventually had to block you permanently (about 2 years ago. Month after month thereafter, I may have occasionally returned fire with a few tweets, saying a few things nearly as unkind as what you’d just said about me (but I really can’t find any of those on in over 19 pages of exchanges with you).

    I don’t recall you, or anyone calling those exchanges “bullying” or “abuse” or “misogynistic” at the time, as you now claim. I do recall something being said about your identity. I don’t recall it being about your “gender,” but if I did say something, it would have probably been due to the fact that because no one I knew had ever met you—nor even spoken to you on the phone—other people’s questioning of whether you were even female wouldn’t seem unreasonable and I may have mentioned it. I really don’t recall the specifics. Show me a specific tweet on the evidence page and I can respond more. All that said, gender bending is so common in Second Life, I wouldn’t have been surprised to learn that you were a male. But even if you were, I wouldn’t really care, as I had no interest in dating nor sleeping with you. I was merely interested in having a civil discourse with you on Twitter, as I try to have with everyone who wants to do the same. That just never seemed to be your interest, with me—nor anyone else as far as I could tell.

    Again, if you wish to provide specific examples of my “abuse” or “bullying” to the evidence page, I will address them there. This is the last time I will give an unqualified submission this much attention.

    To those observing, I do not have time to answer each undocumented claim in this detail. I am making an exception for Cody_k, because she is so famous for her daily insults and drama with me over so many years.