This is a response to requests from people asking me to publicly defend myself against the extraordinary series of tweets about my relationship with @vdaze (Jessica) and my character.

Doing so would only further escalate a sad public end to a private and personal relationship. Instead, I am stepping out of this drama. I will have no public response to any of this campaign or these tactics, beyond the one already made on my blog.

My friends, family, business associates, and others are entitled to know all of the facts. I will provide them with full documentation privately. The documents will speak for themselves.

To all of you who have expressed concern and support, my grateful thanks. I appreciate your wisdom and kindness more than you will ever know.

– Matt aka Shoq

One thought on “Twitter Drama: #ShoqExitsTheStage

  1. I always look for your posts because I think you have shown a lot of leadership and common sense with respect to critical issues we (progressives) have faced in the past year.  Personal drama aside (I block all haters so have been mostly blissfully unaware), I hope you get past it and continue to show us the way!

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