I had planned to post this many days ago, but other priorities gained my focus. Hence, the delay.

Typical of this continuing drama, much hay and false equivalence are being strewn about by @vdaze, @angryblacklady, @honeybadgerLA, and their army of attackers, about a ruse I used whereby I said my mother's health was in peril from these daily attacks on me. I had two objectives:
  • An advisor was urging me to document the sheer volume of attacks across Twitter (some of them which trended), and I was finding it  nearly impossible to search for them without some clearly identifable search words and concepts with which I knew the attackers and their friends would eagerly leap to employ in their daily attacks.
  • At the same time, I was needing something I could push to a few suspected leakers among my contacts, using a few altered verisons, to see if I could find out who was forwarding emails of information to these attackers, many of whom were former friends. As many are well aware from the StopRush dramas, my emails, and those of my associates, have been disclosed several times this year, in a manner, and by parties who are still not fully known.
My mother was indeed distressed at the time, so I went with that narrative—and it worked. I documented 48 pages of attacks on Twitter, and exposed a user (@semishark) as the person who was passing information to @vdaze, while pretending to be a "neutral" party.  I initally assumed the almost immediately forwarded email would tell the story well enough without any need for this post. But I misjudged how they'd recast an intent that I thought was obvious. They deflected from that intent by tweeting weak but effective attack memes to people only vaguely aware of the nature of these ongoing attacks, ensuring that a ruse which successfully tricked them would just be seen as making anything I say seem less credible.
Well, if that's true, then America hasn't been credible in hundreds of years, as its enemies,both foreign and domestic, have often been deceived into revealing their plans, tactics and covert operatives. 
I am sorry I mislead friends and family. I am determined to do what I need to do to push back against this continuing chararacter assassination of me, patiently, unemotionally, and one step at a time. As I have said in my previous post, there is much more to this story that will be told to those who need to know at a time and manner of my choosing. 



This is a response to requests from people asking me to publicly defend myself against the extraordinary series of tweets about my relationship with @vdaze (Jessica) and my character.

Doing so would only further escalate a sad public end to a private and personal relationship. Instead, I am stepping out of this drama. I will have no public response to any of this campaign or these tactics, beyond the one already made on my blog.

My friends, family, business associates, and others are entitled to know all of the facts. I will provide them with full documentation privately. The documents will speak for themselves.

To all of you who have expressed concern and support, my grateful thanks. I appreciate your wisdom and kindness more than you will ever know.

– Matt aka Shoq