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So you get all the hilarity of their planning missives, as Michael P. Leahy lures all the suckers into one big marketing tent for his goofy Saul Alinsky books with their make-believe history.

Oh, and it may also help screw up AFP/David Koch's bus-buying and booking plans for the big event, too.

From March 9 through March 31 Freedom Loving Tea Party activists
will be traveling to Washington DC to HELP STOP Obamacare.
We need YOUR HELP. If you would like more information, please
fill out the form below and we will be in touch ASAP about how
you can help. THANK YOU! — Michael P. Leahy (#tcot Founder)

Take the Town Halls to Washington.


I can't wait to see all 85 gazillion billion trillion Teapartiers all assembled on one block.

Who Says: Narrative Authority In a Fragmented World

Jay Rosen tweeted this seminal post by Megan Garber, articulating what the web and digital media are doing to authority memes and journalism's role in this bizarre new world.

Since the need to manage the tangled and competing taxonomic hierarchies of such a Narrative Big Brother has been my professional fascination for years, I couldn't help but notice.  

I think it's required reading for every journalist, citizen, media theorist, media guru, social media consultant, politician, educator, and student. Ok, ok….make that everyone that can fucking read.

Transparency needs to be about fostering conversation rather than ending it.

Megan Garber

Read: Who Says : CJR.

Wyclef Jean responds to some questions raised by TheSmokingGun, the AP, and others:


I had expected that they would arrange some event in Haiti to answer some  of the many questions raised.  I never thought he was a "crook," ever. I don't think anyone else said he was, either. Only that there was some sloppy IRS paperwork, questionable accounting, and very little organization to speak of.   All of those things can be true of a bona fide and well intentioned philanthropist.

My only complaint about any of this is how it was presented as as huge relief effort, when in fact, it's a very small  organization with no resources to even begin to assemble or distribute such massive aid. 

Yele isn't a disaster relief organization… but rather, it's a humanitarian mission.  That's important and ongoing, but not the immediate crisis that millions of dollars are being raised for. Donors want to know that huge supplies of water, food, medicine and shelter are being delivered on the ground–and right now.  Experience proves that it's very large organizations that are best able to do that kinda of work.  Just today, the Red Cross boasted of delivering a plant that can produce "10,000 gallons of water a day."  That's about 20,000 people a day, in a city of 2 million. Every dollar counts.  While the poverty of Haiti is gruesome and sad, it's also a long term problem. Right now, we have a short term crisis that needs huge funding to prevent massive loss of life.

Whatever the nature of this, videos are often designed to deflect. I hope this one is not, and that he's sincere.  I hope he has asked someone at Yele to find some documentation, so his fans and donors are not just relying on a video appeal for his cred.

I hope some of these Yele partners will step forward and make donors comfortable that they are receiving support from Yele/Wyclef's fundraising. That would go a long way toward settling the questions TSG and others raised, and he can get on with his obviously sincere and passionate desire to help Haiti and its people.