It's been 32 years since the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, and 25 years since the deadly mishap in Chernobyl made the public understand what a "nuclear meltdown" might actually mean.  This first video trailer will get you in touch with the inner dread that we all felt back then. While it may be fictional, the scenario it portrays is very real, and has always been a possibility, and this film very much shaped the minds and attitudes of millions who are still deeply suspicious of nuclear energy. (Note: this is a trailer is really not  the clip I wanted. I am still trying to find that one and will republish when I find it). The second trailer gives you a taste of the aftermath of Chernobyl. It's followed by a professor's explanation of a meltdown, as well as the issues of storing nuclear waste.(The problem the industry most hates to talk about.)

The nuclear energy industry, and their right wing partners, have always tried to minimize the risks of nuclear power generation to younger people, and they work hard to present any hazard as mere paranoia marketed by a liberal elite, which they portray as hostile to economic growth. But the dangers have always been very real, and strategically marginalized through skilled propaganda. The critics of the industry have been vilified, even mocked, simply for informing the public of the ugly truths which the industry has expended great effort trying to conceal.

It seems that the Japanese disaster may be even closer to this outcome than those moments were. If you have a god, pray to it. If you don't, just hope we dodge this bullet, too, as we have dodged so many over the years. Whether by nuclear calamity, or climate change negligence, corporate and conservative greed, enabled by a complete lack of meaningful oversight and accountability, may well be taking our planet on a steady march down a reckless road to planetary ruin.




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US President Ronald Reagan once flatly declared, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” A quarter of a century has since passed, and a huge price has now fallen due in the form of a once-in-a-century crisis. It has compelled people to learn once again that government is indispensable for dealing with the unstable nature of capitalism

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