I have wanted to share… two of my favorite podcasters, Driftglass (@mr_electrico) and @Bluegal for so long that I finally decided to stop being so f-ing lazy and just start doing it.

I'm starting with Driftglass's recent dissection of Andrew Sullivan, the "retired" blogger that so many progressives have been hypnotized into believing had some great insight or value for them. I always found him to be somewhat of an ideologically con artist; a 'brand' that was a supremely useful voice for the emerging culture of the radical right now eating our country.

Driftglass explains him way better than I could. This excerpt is just a taste of his essays and analysis about Sullivan. I link to much more below.  I

If this is your first exposure to the ProfessionalLeft podcast, I try to listen frequently. They have unique voices and takes on the news each week. And ones that more progressives should be aware of. That's why I mention them so often on Twitter.  Great messages from smart voices are absolutely useless if they don't reach anyone.