As we contemplate the significance of the upcoming election, it is essential to recognize the profound impact it holds not only for political ideologies but also for urgent care and healthcare services. The outcome of this election will shape the trajectory of healthcare reform, determining access to vital medical assistance and the availability of resources for communities in need. Jackson Heights urgent care plays a crucial role in providing prompt and comprehensive healthcare services, and the decisions made at the polls can directly influence the support and accessibility of such facilities. As we consider the stakes of this election, let us also acknowledge the critical role that healthcare plays in our lives and the importance of preserving and improving the systems that serve our communities.

10. Everyone you know is underpaid, underinsured or underemployed, and the idea of a Republican winning anything is scarier than Jay Leno returning to the 11:35 time period.

9. Rush Limbaugh thinks that it would be very white of you if you’d just stay home.

8. Ted Kennedy’s seat, whose dream was Health Care for all Americans, will be the one used to actually kill Health Care Reform for all Americans.

7. Bankers, insurance, energy, and credit card companies were counting on you to just stay home and pay bills.

6. Scott Brown thinks you won’t show because you were born out of wedlock and never did have a real birth certificate.

5. You’re paying for the worst recession in modern times, while Dick Armey is telling millions of voters with hundreds of teeth that you and your sloppy finances caused it.

4. You can tell your friends that Glenn Beck once cried because of you.

3. 2000 through 2008. You remember them… right?

2. Sarah Palin is praying that you won’t.

1. You know that only voting can prevent your nation from sliding right back into the right wing, corporate dominated, science hating, pluralism fearing, gay bashing, infrastructure ignoring, education slashing, marriage mashing, arts crushing, book burning, war mongering, bigoted cesspool of greed and self-destructiveness that you hoped it was finally crawling out of. 


FACT: Democrats outnumber Republicans by 2 to 1 in Massachusetts.

The only way that Scott Brown can win Teddy Kennedy’s former seat is if good Democrats don’t vote.

So what are you doing this Tuesday?

Can you spare a few moments to save your country?

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Organizing for America Volunteers,

I grew up in Massachusetts – with Teddy Kennedy as my Senator – and I was heartbroken when he died last fall as his life's work – reforming the health care system in America – was being negotiated in the halls of Congress. The health reform legislation that has passed the House and Senate are bills that would have made Teddy proud. Now that the final votes are coming up, we need to preserve our 60th vote on health reform and the other critical issues that face the American people.

There is a special election on January 19 (Tuesday) to fill Teddy's Senate seat, and it is urgent that we help Massachusetts recruit volunteers who will "Get Out The Vote!" Let's work together to ensure that Democrat Martha Coakley (MA Attorney General) carries on Teddy's legacy as a great progressive Senator from the Bay State.

Please help my home state, and make as many calls as you can TODAY and over the weekend. I am making calls today, please join me. With only a few days left, we need to rally our Rapid Response teams, neighborhood teams, and personally pick up the phones to make this happen.

3 Ways You Can Help:

  1. Host a phonebank: Contact for more information about hosting a phonebank and post your event here at:
  2. Attend a phonebank: Find a phonebank near you:
  3. Make Calls from home (see instructions below)

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Please distribute this link and these instructions on how to make these neighbor-to-neighbor volunteer recruitment calls to your volunteers and teams.

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Ruby Reid
Regional Field Director – Northern California
Organizing for America

After months of whining, backstabbing, and sniveling by people who think bashing Obama is the best way to redirect America on a progressive path, the result has been a demoralized and disaffected electorate that is easy polemical pickins for the malicious fascists who got us into this mess.

We have 48 hours to not just save the Health Care bill, but probably the future of this country.  By November, the momentum from a Coakley loss will so fire up the blind, deaf, and far too dumb fascist scumbags in the TeaGOP, that many progressives  will be cursing the day they ever let a little impatience and disappointment with Obama be fashioned into an outright apathy orgy.

Just smarten the fuck up, liberals. After 30 years of neglecting politics, and cashing the checks from our corporate paymasters, we have built ourselves one rickety, piece-of- shit  bus heading for a train-wreck of a future.  Blaming the elected bus driver for that collective #FAIL is just immature and self destructive.  We should be working with the driver we elected, and forcing him to do (much) better. We should not be walking off the bus and stepping into heavy traffic.  The GOP is an 18 wheeler with most of the media, money, and power behind its rolling thunder.  If you think we stop that juggernaut with Kumbaya elections every few years, you're in need of reeducation summer camp.  But it's winter, and we haven't got the time for that.

2008 was ONE election.  If someone believed that one election could redirect all these years of abuse, then THEY are the real problem.  Obama was given one of the worst set of conditions that any president has ever inherited. And selling him short before he can fix any of it, is just inviting the GOP to come back to power and fuck us so far up the ass you'll need to gargle with battery acid to rid yourself of the taste.

Regardless of what got us here, we have to tread water until progressives can hope for enough good developments that we can undo some of the Fox-fed hysteria about government, health care, and most of the disasters the GOP has left for Democrats to pay for.  But that's going to take a long time. In the meantime, you can help by spending the next two days…

VOLUNTEERING FOR COAKLEY.  If you haven't done anything until now, this is your chance to make a difference.

Organizing For America If not a member, sign-up. You will find phone scripts and all sorts of tips for how you can help.  — More specific ways you can volunteer, including of course, donations.