Who Says: Narrative Authority In a Fragmented World

Jay Rosen tweeted this seminal post by Megan Garber, articulating what the web and digital media are doing to authority memes and journalism's role in this bizarre new world.

Since the need to manage the tangled and competing taxonomic hierarchies of such a Narrative Big Brother has been my professional fascination for years, I couldn't help but notice.  

I think it's required reading for every journalist, citizen, media theorist, media guru, social media consultant, politician, educator, and student. Ok, ok….make that everyone that can fucking read.

Transparency needs to be about fostering conversation rather than ending it.

Megan Garber

Read: Who Says : CJR.

Sunlight Foundation comes through again with another great data exhibit. This time one that demonstrates just how much, how often, and how intensely the Republican party will lie about anything to control the narratives, no matter how evident and easily discoverable are the facts. 

Look at all the red bars (#GOP) moving past 50 votes in the Yea column, each time THEY used this process to "ram through" their vicious, selfish agendas. How dare those democrats use the same process to give all Americans—at least better—access to health care.

It's just shameful that Fox, Beck, Rush and the #GOP have helped lower our bullshit threshold this far, to where a simple dataset could be so telling of the viciousness and shamelessness of the lying being done in this Health Care reform fight to do the right thing.