Please spend the next few days sending this to everyone you know. Drag people to watch it, if you must. Then drag them to the god damn polls.

We won't get a second chance.  It's show time. We either save America this Tuesday, or can just pack it in. They will only grow stronger, and quickly deny us another chance by any means available to them.  They only pretend to love the constitution. They could not care any less about it. They never did. They want this nation, and they plan to take it.  We stop them now, or it will be very nearly impossible to stop them later.  Be afraid.


Apparently, some conservatives are having a tiff with a twitter user named @wingnutwatch.  They made some convoluted youtube movie about it called "Twittergate".  For reasons I cannot really figure out, two of my tweets are in this video.  As best I can tell,my tweets merely mention words and concepts I'm known for, and try to explicitly or implicitly connect them to whatever bizarre effort—real or imagined—the video addresses.

I don't have a working relationship with @wingnutwatch under that, or any other name, and I wouldn't have such involvement in anything like the alleged schemes if I could. I don't know how much of this "plot" they speak of was real, if any, and I really don't care. I simply don't want to be associated with any kind of willful manipulation, real or imagined.

I have no interest playing any kind of political game with conservatives on Twitter or anywhere else. They, and the billionaire proxy astroturfers like AFP and Freedomworks have made politics so hateful and ugly in this country, the last thing I want to do is engage in the same kinds of gutter-level activities that got us here. When I confront conservatives, it's upfront and in their face, as it should be.

So if someone tries to suggest I am in any way involved with these efforts, please direct them here. Thanks.