I always forget about this gem. Twitter just reminded me of it. 

Everyone needs to watch this 3 times, and then remember these words:

"It's called the American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it."


R.I.P. George Carlin. We never really appreciated you in your time.  We miss you and we need you.  Come back when you're ready. Maybe we'll still be here. Maybe.

I never get over the fun we have intervening in the monumentally stupid Teaparty movement. What isn't controlled by a top-down hegemonic effort like Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks, gets continuously gamed by an army of two-bit right wing entrepreneurs trying to make a buck off of this rabid right Hatriot movement. 

I'm going to  keep a running list of some of the high points of our Teabag punks.

Twitter Users Crash Teabagger Organizer's Call

Wwe get ahold of their conference call plans, and summon some fun lefties to sit in. Much hilarity ensues:

Twitter Users Punk Teaparty Call: Warrantless Wiretaps (Here call  here)

Dailykos.com-Twitterers-Crash-Teaparty-Organizing-Session (Read the great comments!)

The #teapartyCall Hashtag (start at last page of tweets)


Michael P. Leahy sues StephanieInCA for calling him a Lizard.

Steph says "bring it on." He caves..

Suit concludes. with Stephanie's recap and end-game post.

The widely reported backstory

Conservative Twitter Guy is Teased, Brings Lawsuit – Village Voice

Top Conservative on Twitter Takes Critic to Court | Harvard's Citizen Media Law Project


@Strwbrry_Blonde Captures Teaparty in Pictures

American Conservative Movement in Pictures – Washington 9/12 Teaparty, 2009. My friend @Stawbrry_Blonde went to the Washington 912 Teaparty and recorded the most frightening glimpses of a nation of racist proles gone mad. Still a classic pictorial. .

Other Events, Hoaxes and Assorted Wins


Video:  Robert Erickson gets Tea Parties to Shout "Columbus Go Home" — Also read the whole  backstory by: Huffington Post's DawnTeo

One of my very first posts to this blog (still not quite ready for prime time), and it's a gem,  to my limited  mind. In response to the stealthy and disingenuous screed by Stephen Hayward (AEI) on Sunday, this letter was sent to the Washington Post. 

Short and sweet, it takes just 100 words to eviscerate conservatism better than 10,000 word essays by some pretty bright progressives ever seem to do. I may print wallet cards with it. I've posted a permanent page to warehouse it for all time!

Read the letter.