To Washington Post Letters: Steven F. Hayward wrote: "The single largest defect of modern conservatism, in my mind, is its insufficient ability to challenge liberalism at the intellectual level. . . ."

No. The single largest defect of modern conservatism is that it has ruined the nation. Conservatives do not have ideas; they have interests. Conservatives are not "thinkers"; they are rationalizers who give an intellectual gloss to their belief that an alliance of predatory businesspeople and religious extremists should rule the rest of us.

The wreckage caused by modern conservatism lies all around us, and speaks for itself: If conservatism isn't dead, it should be.

DANIEL ROSEN Baltimore Source: Washington Post 10/9/2009

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    I do not believe that it is modern conservatism but archaic conservatism that is the cause of this, because conservatism IS by nature archaic (the idea that we need to continue doing what we believe has worked well for us the past [which is not necessarily a bad model but also not necessarily the best practice either. Kind of like saying; “It seemed like a good idea at the time” only politicians might phrase it as; “It was our best option based on the current knowledge that we had at the time”]).

    I also believe that there are conservatives out there that realize the need for change but are unable to convince their core that change is a necessary initiative in our evolution (oh don’t use that word in front a conservative group) as a society as a whole. Much like a child, society does not wish to be TOLD what is good, proper and essential; we have to figure it out for ourselves. Forcing conservative will (ideals) upon society results in a natural defiance of ideals based at least partially on automatic opposition. (IE: Someone you know and don’t like who has consistently had bad ideas comes up w/a good one, your response might be to dismiss or oppose this idea based on prejudice rather than intelligence)

    I think we are currently at a turning point in history, at least I hope we are, where the conservative ‘right’ has to understand that they need to change something if they wish to rule the world again. And if not, well, our best alternative is the “Tea Party” or more affectionately known as the Republican Party’s retarded cousin. (BTW: that last statement was not intended to offend the retarded even though comparing the two may do so)

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