Many of us in the liberal/progressive space have spent years decrying the pathetic state of the corporate news empires that govern our daily lives now.  We know what they are doing to us, and there's rarely much we can do to stop it.

Perhaps ironically, and due to the very market forces we often renounce as ineffectual, things are happening that promise to restore at least a semblance of intelligent and responsible balance to the media's scales.  Probably without initially intending to, @MSNBC, chasing that almighty dollar, has begun a steady transformation of cable news that seems to be on the verge of making real reporting, careful research, thoughtful analysis, and strong voices stylish and marketable enough for prime time.

Whether in the form of  Rachel Maddow, Chris L Hayes, Melissa Harris Perry, Krystal Ball, Lawrence O'Donnell, Steve Kornacki, Martin Bashir, or many of the fine contributors, panelists and guests they are bringing forth each day, such as Joy Ann Reid, Joan Walsh, Goldie Taylor, Anthea Butler, and Ari Melber, @MSNBC is steadily elevating the national discourse by producing segments like the one below. 

It takes a lot of thought to produce a tribute like this, but you can't do it unless you care. MSNBC has assembled a lot of fine people who care. They may not get us out of this mess, and Comcast may yet put the brakes on their development, but for now, they sure are a step-up from where we've been. I'm thankful for all of them.

The Maddow Show Gives Thanks



You must watch and understand this…

Republican-controlled Legislatures in 32 states are now pushing for the most onerous and restrictive voter registration laws in our history. Laws specifically designed to cripple new voting amid the people most effected by the near-fascist policies now being pushed down the throats of the middle class.

These are no longer long range changes. They are radical, and they are ruinous, and they must be stopped. This is a national emergency larger than any threat we have ever faced.  We either rise to it, or we perish.  Obama, and even Democrats are not our core problem.  The entire system we have allowed to become deconstructed by this radical conservatism, bought and paid for by plutocrats and billionaires is the problem.

As I keep saying. Democracy is too important to be left to Democrats.  You must get active. You must get everyone you know to get active.  We're not running out of time.  It's already gone.