The politics being practiced by the Susan G. Komen Foundation is part of a broad based effort by the right wing to politiciize every aspect of American culture. The right has spent decades developing new ways to raise the cost to any organization that would support, or even appear to support pro-choice organizations—or anyone else they oppose.

The only way to impede this kind of political tampering is to pressure the organizations that too easily cave to it.  In the case of Komen, this means that Karen Handel must be fired. We now know she was instrumental in orchestrating their ruinous decision to manipulate rules to prohibit future funding to Planned Parenthood.

Her exit will not only signal that Komen is ready to clean house and move on, but also that it will no longer be a willing patsy for these right wing pressure tactics.

Using the power of Social media, the American Left has the ability to force small changes like this. But small changes can have big impact and reaching ripple effects. Theyc can change the perception and strategies of political organizations and operatives who come up with these destructive ideas.

You Can Help Achieve Such A Small Change

We want to help the groups trying to pressure the sponsors and partners of Komen.  We already have their names, twitter IDs, and facebook accounts. We need the emails of the CEO, Chairman, or other acccounts that is likely to be seen

The emails are being collected in this spreadsheet. All you have to do to help us is follow these steps:

  1. Pick the name of a Komen partner from the left hand column of the spreadsheet.
  2. Google that name and find the partner's website.
  3. Locate their "Contact Us" or "About" or "Our Team" pages, and find one or more relevant emails.
    1. You can grab as many as you think might be useful, but at least 2 are recommended: one for the chairman or CEO, and one for a more general inquiry or feedback/suggestion type email accounts. 
    2. Any others you feel might be relevant are also welcome. We can't really have too many. The whole idea is to bring pressure, and the more recipients we have per organization, the more likely it is that we will get through their various filters and be heard.
  4. Enter the names in the correct row and column in the spreadsheet.
    1. ]Separate multiple names with a comma — VERY important.
  5. Enter your twitter name in the next column, so we know who to thank for the effort :)
  6. If you completed this mission in less than 10 minutes, please consider doing another :)

If just 210 people in my Twitter stream each invest 10 minutes to find these emails for just a single organization, we will complete this task in one day, proving once again that the power of the crowd is formidable indeed.

Please tweet @shoq if you have any questions.

Thank you. We can all make a difference, if we each make some small effort to make that difference.

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