Resist net and the TEABAGGERS have launched a massive call-in campaign and are bombarding the progressive members of Congress.

@SandiBehms has written about this here (but do NOT go there yet)

There is only an hour left to this critical day.  We need thousands of volunteers to

call Nancy Pelosi RIGHT NOW @ 202-225-4965,

and tell her: The Senate bill must pass, and use reconciliation for the public option.

You will probably get a fast busy signal, but they answered my calls twice after 10 seconds of it. 

When you get through, tell the operator that you have a message for the speaker, and you get patched through to the voice mail where you can leave the message.

If Box full, or you just can't get thru, divert to Sen. Harry Reid




Things To Sign/Do For The Public Option

There are only a few weeks to pressure congress to pass a public Option.

Most of the big petitions out there should be getting 1000 times more traffic than they have been getting. But it's not too late. To bump up that activity, I have assembled here an easy list of sites people can use to be heard, or take action. It takes only a few minutes to use each site. The list below has less than 10 sites which are the best known, or most used petition or governmental contact sites I've been able to find, thus far. I will be revising this frequently over the next few days, so come back often. Even if these petitions are not as effective as we might hope, they don't cost you much time or effort, and you can feel good that you tried. Please use this convenient URL to pass this site on to your friends, family, and colleagues. Note: I am seeking a good aggregator tool that makes it simple for a single letter to go to each of your representatives. If you know of a site that does this, please contact me.

Petitions of the Public Option

Other Petitions or Actions


Videos, FAQs and Other Info

Please use this convenient URL to pass this site on to your friends, family, and colleagues.