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There's a lot of misinformation about this already (what a surprise?). Joy-Ann never claimed the archive was "hacked." She simply said it was under investigation and they were examining all possible causes. Pundits and trolls simply transformed that into "I was hacked." Nonsense.

I am the one who found the posts in the archive back in December and brought them to Joy's attention. She was absolutely stunned by every word in them. We read them aloud together. She'd obviously never seen any of them, and had no idea what else there was to see until I pointed each item out. Though she was obviously upset, we were laughing at what a terrible job they had done trying to sound like her. We both felt no one would take such poor forgeries seriously.

Even so, I was in favor of her immediately outing the story herself (as it was shortly after the Crist apology), but she said contractually, NBC would have to make that decision. She could not. 

Since the blog was also the source of the Charlie Crist comments, obviously she would have rushed to expunge anything so toxic if she could. That I had to bring them to her attention is all the proof I needed to know that none of these words were hers. 

But just for my own edification, I spent hours trying to find a single ping-back, reblog, or pull-quote with any part of this material in them. There was nothing. There is still nothing. No a trace of these words anywhere but the Internet Archive.

My own theory is that one of those "other entities" the Wayback machine people discussed was actually the bad actor who had been inside her original blogger.com site all along, and was feeding material through it to her WordPress blog (which was set up to do that for herself but she stopped using it, but never disconnected the pass-thru). She never considered that perhaps she had an unwelcome editor in her blog until I suggested it.

Note:  I do not mean here the Archive.org browser plugin used  to  submit new material to the archive in normal archive usage.  I mean that the bad actor simply insured that their latest changes made into he archive (in case Joy caught on to the errant posts).  Only detailed analysis of a lot of information that neither blogger.com, nor archive.org seems willing to provide.

We may never know the full story, or catch this culprit. But I was there. These words were as new to Joy as they were to everyone else. The person who published these things has been trolling Joy for years. I strongly suspect he's known they were there all along, and was just playing them out over time to inflict maximum damage.

I am confident that Joy's millions of fans will support her, once all these facts are known. Homophobic personalities don't just post a few blog items and call it a day. They have a lifetime of breadcrumbs that can be found. I am quite sure none can or ever will be found that can be credibly—or even plausibly—attributed to her.

This was just a setup from one of her many enemies, most of whom have very good reasons to fear her powerful voice.

  (1 of 8 original blog posts. See PDF below for compilation)

LISTEN:  Amy Macpherson is a Canadian Journalist for the CBC,  formerly of Huffington Post, who has spent a sleepless month doing some breathtaking original research on Mitt Romney and his Mormon Church's intricate machinations throughout our society.  She has barely had time to edit this work, and while it will surely become a book, she wanted people to know what she's learned before they vote on Tuesday.

While it's been seen by some big dogs, few have had the courage make noise with it this late in the game. I was only handed it 90 minutes ago, I had merely skimmed it, but I found it so compelling, I got several people to start breaking it down to see if any of it can be used to bring down this scary cult-spawn named Mitt Romney. 

I wish it were shorter, but I mostly wish we had it a week ago. Karoli has compiled all 8 parts of the series  into one PDF for your reading pleasure (and haste).

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The politics being practiced by the Susan G. Komen Foundation is part of a broad based effort by the right wing to politiciize every aspect of American culture. The right has spent decades developing new ways to raise the cost to any organization that would support, or even appear to support pro-choice organizations—or anyone else they oppose.

The only way to impede this kind of political tampering is to pressure the organizations that too easily cave to it.  In the case of Komen, this means that Karen Handel must be fired. We now know she was instrumental in orchestrating their ruinous decision to manipulate rules to prohibit future funding to Planned Parenthood.

Her exit will not only signal that Komen is ready to clean house and move on, but also that it will no longer be a willing patsy for these right wing pressure tactics.

Using the power of Social media, the American Left has the ability to force small changes like this. But small changes can have big impact and reaching ripple effects. Theyc can change the perception and strategies of political organizations and operatives who come up with these destructive ideas.

You Can Help Achieve Such A Small Change

We want to help the groups trying to pressure the sponsors and partners of Komen.  We already have their names, twitter IDs, and facebook accounts. We need the emails of the CEO, Chairman, or other acccounts that is likely to be seen

The emails are being collected in this spreadsheet. All you have to do to help us is follow these steps:

  1. Pick the name of a Komen partner from the left hand column of the spreadsheet.
  2. Google that name and find the partner's website.
  3. Locate their "Contact Us" or "About" or "Our Team" pages, and find one or more relevant emails.
    1. You can grab as many as you think might be useful, but at least 2 are recommended: one for the chairman or CEO, and one for a more general inquiry or feedback/suggestion type email accounts. 
    2. Any others you feel might be relevant are also welcome. We can't really have too many. The whole idea is to bring pressure, and the more recipients we have per organization, the more likely it is that we will get through their various filters and be heard.
  4. Enter the names in the correct row and column in the spreadsheet.
    1. ]Separate multiple names with a comma — VERY important.
  5. Enter your twitter name in the next column, so we know who to thank for the effort :)
  6. If you completed this mission in less than 10 minutes, please consider doing another :)

If just 210 people in my Twitter stream each invest 10 minutes to find these emails for just a single organization, we will complete this task in one day, proving once again that the power of the crowd is formidable indeed.

Please tweet @shoq if you have any questions.

Thank you. We can all make a difference, if we each make some small effort to make that difference.

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