I have just read for the fourth time, Sara Robinson's important 2012 essay entitled, "Conservative Southern Values Revived: How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule America"

It's not long, and one of those reads which I think every 10th grader should be forced to consume, and then be quizzed on again and again until the foundational concepts are ingrained and at least partially understood.  Until such understandings are embedded in each generation's mindshare, each will too easily fall victim to the same forces of plantation economy, aristocracy, and other rank manifestations of predatory capitalism that have soiled the one before.  Free markets have done much for civilization. But only by making them a little less free are we going to be able to constrain their raging excesses and the humanistic failures that have resulted from them.

Below are the last few paragraphs of Sara's post. They make for a tidy list of some of the greater threats posed by this centuries old culture war of inbred and nouveau-greed lording over historically disadvantaged populations of compliant serfs. It's a war threatening not just America, but the entire planetary ecosystem of our delicate species.


It's not an overstatement to say that we're now living in Plantation America. As Lind points out: to the horror of his Yankee father, George W. Bush proceeded to run the country exactly like Woodard's description of a Barbadian slavelord. And Barack Obama has done almost nothing to roll this victory back.

We're now living in an America where rampant inequality is accepted, and even celebrated.

Torture and extrajudicial killing have been reinstated, with no due process required.

The wealthy and powerful are free to abuse employees, break laws, destroy the commons, and crash the economy — without ever being held to account.

The rich flaunt their ostentatious wealth without even the pretense of humility, modesty, generosity, or gratitude.

The military — always a Southern-dominated institution — sucks down 60% of our federal discretionary spending, and is undergoing a rapid evangelical takeover as well.

Our police are being given paramilitary training and powers that are completely out of line with their duty to serve and protect, but much more in keeping with a mission to subdue and suppress. Even liberal cities like Seattle are now home to the kind of local justice that used to be the hallmark of small-town Alabama sheriffs.

Segregation is increasing everywhere. The rights of women and people of color are under assault. Violence against leaders who agitate for progressive change is up. Racist organizations are undergoing a renaissance nationwide.

We are withdrawing government investments in public education, libraries, infrastructure, health care, and technological innovation — in many areas, to the point where we are falling behind the standards that prevail in every other developed country.

Elites who dare to argue for increased investment in the common good, and believe that we should lay the groundwork for a better future, are regarded as not just silly and soft-headed, but also inviting underclass revolt. The Yankees thought that government's job was to better the lot of the lower classes. The Southern aristocrats know that its real purpose is to deprive them of all possible means of rising up against their betters.

The rich are different now because the elites who spent four centuries sucking the South dry and turning it into an economic and political backwater have now vanquished the more forward-thinking, democratic Northern elites. Their attitudes towards freedom, authority, community, government, and the social contract aren't just confined to the country clubs of the Gulf Coast; they can now be found on the ground from Hollywood and Silicon Valley to Wall Street. And because of that quiet coup, the entire US is now turning into the global equivalent of a Deep South state.

As long as America runs according to the rules of Southern politics, economics and culture, we're no longer free citizens exercising our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as we've always understood them. Instead, we're being treated like serfs on Massa's plantation — and increasingly, we're being granted our liberties only at Massa's pleasure. Welcome to Plantation America.

How do we even begin to unmask and redress these crises of a modernist empire spiraling out of control? Will it be fixed  by carping on the marginal excesses of it, as seen in the issues of drones, national detention controversies and bank bailouts? Or will it be by finding new leadership and policy precepts that replace the ones which are clearly failing to provide for the common good? Ones not motivated by wealth accumulation or careerist ambitions, but rather by a sincere desire to advance our species toward its collective survival and some kind of satisfying intellectual and cultural status quo that endures long enough to reward successive generations without falling victim to them.

I have my ideas for getting there. I am sure you have yours. It's time we started to share them together, and out loud, in hopes of finding a brighter future before we're denied access to one by a dark and aggressively resurgent past. 

Due to my recent cancer surgery, I have lost any natural chance of having my own biological children. But I hope I have at least a few good years left where I might be able to do something to help all the other children on this rotating sphere of cosmic debris we're all traveling on.  We all get only a very brief span of years to do whatever good it is that we're going to do with them. We should probably get started.

Read the entire post. Then tweet me your thoughts.

Grey Parker is one of those bloggers you stumble upon when someone in your stream says "you gotta read this."  I did that some months ago, and ever since, I eagerly snap at his posts like a Venus Fly Trap that just got lucky.  Today, Grey decided to respond to the execrable new Tokyo Rose of right wing propaganda, Dana Loesch, the oh-so hot and sassy queen of fabrication and faux-facts, who @CNN had the unmitigated corporatist's gall to make a "contributor."  As if we hadn't had enough of these pugnacious media sociopaths, such as her bilious boss, Andrew Breitbart, this gussied-up raconteur of packaged hate aimed at anyone but the elites who butter her daily bread has all the charm and grace of a hand grenade tossed into an infant care ward. 

Despicable Dana (DD), as I call her, had posted the following within one of her more scurrilous screeds over at bigJournalism.com (a site so misnamed that still makes me throw up a little in my mouth each and every time I see it),

"I loathe when American conservatives define themselves as “right wing” anything, even in jest — just as I loathe when the liberal press uses it as identification for American conservatives — because it is an inaccurate use of the term."

Spotting yet another professional hit job on the truth, worthy of anything Jonah Goldberg, the Right's minister of mawkish meanderings about whatever fake histories appealed to him on any given day might have contrived, Grey proceeds to educate DD on her grotesque misunderstandings and misrepresentations of history, as well as her felonious overreliance and misuse of Wikipedia.  Thankless job of evisceration that it was, Parker works his words like a righteous saber, leaving little more than entrails and eye shadow on the floor.

Enjoy reading it: Here You Go, Dishonest Coward 

For posts such as that…

…I have added Grey to my growing list of writers who demonstrate great understanding and insight when explaining the history and precedents of what brought America to this increasingly sad and sinking ship of state where fallacies get more attention than facts, and the fancy-faced, canard-spewing carnival barkers like Loesch get rich by advancing any misinformation that benefits the very worst class of elites the world has seen in modern times.  

Fairly soon now, I hope to deploy this small army of articulators in a unique way, well before the 2012 election, with this attenuating hope that there is still enough respect for truth left in America that basic facts can still have a bit more influence than complete and utter falsehoods. An inventor by trade, I didn't actually want to spend my creative time finding and popularizing new ways of correcting the lies and distortions in the Right's public narratives, but it's been increasingly clear that someone has to do it. When the time comes, I sure hope Grey will join me.  My gut says he will, but to even my surprise, I'm wrong  a lot :)

And now this:

I know it's been a long while since my last post. I just have too many projects and too little time. But as important and real as that excuse is, another is that I've really come to enjoy tweeting the thoughts and ideas of other people saying what I might have wanted to say, but who say it far better than I would have.  We all have our talents and passions. At this time, I am content that one of mine is promoting those whose stable of skills at informing and truth telling are a good deal deeper than my own.

You must watch and understand this…

Republican-controlled Legislatures in 32 states are now pushing for the most onerous and restrictive voter registration laws in our history. Laws specifically designed to cripple new voting amid the people most effected by the near-fascist policies now being pushed down the throats of the middle class.

These are no longer long range changes. They are radical, and they are ruinous, and they must be stopped. This is a national emergency larger than any threat we have ever faced.  We either rise to it, or we perish.  Obama, and even Democrats are not our core problem.  The entire system we have allowed to become deconstructed by this radical conservatism, bought and paid for by plutocrats and billionaires is the problem.

As I keep saying. Democracy is too important to be left to Democrats.  You must get active. You must get everyone you know to get active.  We're not running out of time.  It's already gone.


Nonsense is nonsense

…and it should be exposed as such; often and always. There are few right wing lies quite so annoying as "the Nazis were Leftists/Socialists/Communists" lie. The revisionist hooey whores like Jonah Goldberg have made it easier for this orchestrated stupidity to gain new traction with his "Liberal Fascism" screed. The left, as it is quite good at doing lately, has utterly failed to push back against this absurdity in any focused manner, so this too gains acceptance among those who think Obama was born in Kenya, the media is liberal, Canadians are overwhelming the U.S. health care system, and government can't create jobs.

Below I've put down a few good articles you can use to defuse this idiotic argument. It's not hard. I will update it as I have time. If you know of some brief or extended articles I should add here, please pass them along to me via Twitter or in comments below.

Please use the Tweet button below and help pass this along to friends, neighbors, and sane countrymen. Thanks!

Brief Debunkers

The basis of the conflation of nazism and socialism is the term "National Socialism," a self description of the Nazis.  "National Socialism" includes the word "socialism", but it is just a word.  Hitler and the Nazis outlawed socialism, and executed socialists and communists en masse, even before they started rounding up Jews.  In 1933, the Dachau concentration camp held socialists and leftists exclusively. The Nazis arrested more than 11,000 Germans for "illegal socialist activity" in 1936.

The GOP uses deception and fears to try to break the president and his agenda for change. Ultra-right broadcasters even lie about our World War II enemy. Their claims about health care, big business and "socialism" in Nazi Germany are not only untrue, but vicious and ignorant

The Myth 1 — The Nazis were National Socialists and therefore Nazism is a form of socialism. The left-wing parties like Labour and the Greens are therefore similar to the Nazis politically.

The Truth 1 — Nope: a common mistake propagated by people who think that a name means what it says. Take the Democratic Republic of Congo, the German Democratic Republic or the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea). Any takers for claiming them as being democracies?

Extended Debunkers

To most people, Hitler's beliefs belong to the extreme far right. For example, most conservatives believe in patriotism and a strong military; carry these beliefs far enough, and you arrive at Hitler's warring nationalism. This association has long been something of an embarrassment to the far right. To deflect such criticism, conservatives have recently launched a counter-attack, claiming that Hitler was a socialist, and therefore belongs to the political left, not the right.

The primary basis for this claim is that Hitler was a National Socialist. The word "National" evokes the state, and the word "Socialist" openly identifies itself as such.

However, there is no academic controversy over the status of this term: it was a misnomer. Misnomers are quite common in the history of political labels

SPLC has some great articles in their archive that reveal just how many of the more vicious and ignorant Nazi myths have been morphed and migrated into American extremist's culture. Often with the tacit approval of many mainstream conservatives and Republicans.

The money shot

If you just don't have a lot of time, you can use Hitler's own words from Mein Kampf, where the Furhrer clearly illustrates his contempt for the "leftists," and had used their colors (not to mention their name) to annoying them:

Yes, how often did they not turn up in huge numbers, those supporters of the Red Flag, all previously instructed to smash up everything once and for all and put an end to these meetings. More often than not everything hung on a mere thread, and only the chairman’s ruthless determination and the rough handling by our ushers baffled our adversaries’ intentions. And indeed they had every reason for being irritated.

The fact that we had chosen red as the colour for our posters sufficed to attract them to our meetings. The ordinary bourgeoisie were very shocked to see that, we had also chosen the symbolic red of Bolshevism and they regarded this as something ambiguously significant.

The suspicion was whispered in German Nationalist circles that we also were merely another variety of Marxism, perhaps even Marxists suitably disguised, or better still, Socialists. The actual difference between Socialism and Marxism still remains a mystery to these people up to this day. The charge of Marxism was conclusively proved when it was discovered that at our meetings we deliberately substituted the words ‘Fellow-countrymen and Women’ for ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ and addressed each other as ‘Party Comrade’. We used to roar with laughter at these silly faint-hearted bourgeoisie and their efforts to puzzle out our origin, our intentions and our aims.

We chose red for our posters after particular and careful deliberation, our intention being to irritate the Left, so as to arouse their attention and tempt them to come to our meetings – if only in order to break them up – so that in this way we got a chance of talking to the people.

Why Did Fascists Like Hitler Encourage Conflating Ideologies?

This from David McGowan puts it fairly succinctly:


I just watched…

one my favorite George Carlin clips, after laughing my ass off at the introduction to it on this site, which is another in a long line Alex Jones/Prison Planet conspiracy subsets of the insanity soiling and spoiling this nation.

Such manipulation is getting more common with each passing week, and this one is just typical of the "any lie that someone will buy" school of publishing that Andrew Breitbart aspires to each time he opens his word processor. With almost limitless corporate money behind them, and an increasingly angry and blinded electorate, they will say anything, contrive anything, fabricate anything, or contort anything that they think will advance the memes that advance their concorporate agenda. It's shameless, dangerous, and sadly… probably unstoppable.

I am quite sure they won't publish my hastily crafted comment, so I've included it here.

And my comment was…

You fuckwits. Anyone that knows Carlin knows that “30 years ago” referred to the Reagan takeover (by Don Reagan and his stooge, Ronnie). And he never spoke of the Rothschilds, Soros or any of your other Illuminati boogie men. He was referring to the same “business” interests (Corporations) that this stupid fucking site is always blowing smoke for. You stopped fooling people years ago. Now go ahead and delete this, and get on with your hysterical paleoconservative agenda.

Then Carlin's daughter commented…

Someone in my Twitter stream alerted @kelly_carlin to the post above, and her response was great:

And although he would entertain the conspiracy theorists at times (illuminati, etc.), he HATED REAGAN, and was speaking about Reagan in this piece. HE HATED THE RIGHT WITH FEROCITY.

Read her whole comment

New America Foundation's Barry Lynn (author of Cornered), has a very important article in Washington Monthly called:

"Who Broke American Jobs."

In my view, all of our problems, from campaign financing, to media consolidation, to the government dysfunctionalism and hyper partisanship that is breaking down anything that ever made American a worthwhile experiment, can all be seen as breaking not just American Jobs, but America itself.

A rampant, unchecked monopolization of nearly everything has powered a winner-take-all, crony Capitalism Gone Wild environment that infects every aspect of this nation and our world.

And the giant corporations behind it all are perfectly happy to have us shrug, feel it's beyond our control, or just some containable by-product of an invisible hand that will sweep us along and everything will turn out well in the end. Uh, ya..  good luck with that.

So inform yourself:  Watch the video of Barry on Washington Journal today.  Force other people to watch it. Capitalism provides useful tools for providing the basic goods and services of our civilization.  But this criminally stupid conservative myth that capitalism can only exist in this totally unregulated state is as childish as it is reckless and irresponsible. Only a suicidal culture would allow it to continue this way, especially after a global economic meltdown has just illustrated nicely just how bad things became while we were playing video games, listening to iPods, learning how to blog, and building Wal-Marts and Starbucks on every god damn street corner.

We have to understand this basic change to how things are now working and find some way to make them work differently; to reinsert some of the checks and balances that once existed. Nothing less than the future of this country depends on it.


On C-Span's Washington Journal, March 8th 2010 — Barry Lynn Discussing the national and global monopoly problem, and how Wal-Mart and other big US corporations are driving our bus, and how we might stop them.

There IS hope: Be absolutely sure to see the end, where he discusses how WE have the power to control the corporations.

Other reading

Cornered: The New Monopoly Capitalism and the Economics of Destruction

Through stories of real people and real industries, Barry C. Lynn shows how monopolies threaten independent businesses, squelch innovation, degrade the quality and safety of basic products, destabilize our most vital industrial and financial systems, and destroy the very fabric of democracy. Avoiding the partisan cant that has poisoned virtually every important American debate in recent years, he explains how, over the past three decades, leaders of both parties and thinkers across the political spectrum have encouraged and enabled the growth of monopolies.

US Chamber Builds Political Operations

The LA Times reports today on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s growing “large-scale grass-roots political operation” that is being “funded by record-setting amounts of money raised from corporations and wealthy individuals.” In 2009, the Chamber spent $144 million on lobbying and grassroots organizing, “well beyond the spending of individual labor unions or the Democratic or Republican national committees.”

About Barry Lynn

Barry C. Lynn is a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation. He has written for Harper's Magazine, the Financial Times, the Harvard Business Review, and the American Prospect, among others. He has appeared on National Public Radio, CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight, Fox News, CBS, MSNBC, the BBC, and C-SPAN. He is the author of End of the Line: The Rise and Coming Fall of the Global Corporation.

Last Spring…

David Neiwert's The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right, which sliced and diced the preposterous right wing revisionism of Jonah Goldberg's "Liberal Fascism," got a fair amount of attention in the press. Here's a brief taste of it:

And yet, here we are two years later, and it turns out that many people indeed have taken Goldberg’s book seriously.  Not only was Liberal Fascism a national bestseller, but its core thesis – that, "properly understood, fascism is not a phenomenon of the right at all.  Instead, it is, and always has been, a phenomenon of the left” – has become widely accepted conventional wisdom among American conservatives, and has played a significant role in the national discourse. 

Nowhere is this more evident than at gatherings of the Tea Party movement, the right-wing populist phenomenon that has sprung up in opposition to the policies for which Barack Obama was elected president.  It is common at Tea Party rallies to see signs equating Obama with Hitler, and declaring the current regime “fascist.”

The proof that it got such attention…

Can be seen here in this Google search.

But THAT was then…

And since that time, you can find very little substantive attention to either his book, or the revisionist memes that Goldberg has created among conservatives and the growing, quasi-fascist Teaparty movement (and I'm using the real meaning of fascism here).

His screed has literally rewritten history for much of the country, and much of the Left is simply letting it happen. There is no ongoing push-back to remind scholars, historians, the media, and the public, that his screed was almost universally debunked by credible academics and pundits. It doesn't matter that two years ago, or last spring, this issue came to light again. What does matter is that the light faded far too fast.

This wasn't some minor tweaked view of an historical event. It's a major rewrite and falsification of one of the most destructive political phenomena in the history of civilization.  To allow such a false history to prevail is analogous to winking at claims that the holocaust never happened, or the Apollo 11 lunar landing was staged. It's a slap in the face to all of humanity when such lies are institutionalized, not so much because the lie has all that much strength or appeal, but because people who know better did so little to adequately redress the lies in a focused, organized manner.

To my knowledge, my "American Fascism" post/debunker, here on this site, is one of the only examples of such focused attention that I can find. And that's patently absurd–and dangerous.

If Left leaning and centrist-publishers don't step up and keep denouncing phony histories on a continuing basis, they WILL soon become the official versions, taught in our nation's schools. Why? Because school boards are now heavily infiltrated by far-right ideologues in Texas and other influential school districts.

And these hyper-politicized, Uber-partisan boards have no interest in curriculums which don't support or reinforce the political or religious views of their more vocal or authoritative members.  If Goldberg's view of Fascism is not adequately discredited, nationally and globally, and very soon, it might well become the only definition school children, and future generations ever see.

And even if it never gets quite that bad, the damage it does do will be seen almost daily in among conservative news outlets like Fox News, Redstate.com, Newsmax.com, or countless right wing blogs and hyper-locals. And all of those meme makers matter–a lot. There is already a vast network of them, and all repeating the same bad information. There is no mechanism on the left which can rival that bullshit echo chamber. There is no organized truth machinery tasked with balancing the vast right wing lie-machinery.

This situation cannot be allowed to stand

The only solution is for TheNation, Salon, Slate, The New Republic, DailyKos, Alternet, ThinkProgress, and all the other major Progressive publications to use recent teaparty successes, and the deliberate obstructionism of the Republicans, as a pretext to resurface and revisit Goldberg's Lie, and ensure that everyone knows it's not just lie, but a massive whopper of a lie. And they must infuse the debunking into stories whenever they can, so that present and future students of history are continuously reminded of the dualism that now exists between the right wing's portrayal of fascism, and its historical reality.

If they do not, they will only have themselves to blame as this—and other false memes—are allowed to become our collective "truths."



Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. Websters

Fascism:  A political regime, usually totalitarian, ideologically based on centralized government, government control of business, repression of criticism or opposition, a leader cult and exalting the state and/or religion above individual rights. Wikipedia

Popular Views of Fascism Have Been Deliberately Distorted

While the term has been thrown around by the left and the right, often in incoherent or contradictory ways for nearly a century, the root meaning of fascism comes down to a few basic concepts revolving around an exaggerated emphasis on nationalism and the state's hegemony over individuals, often at the expense of personal liberty.  This control is always facilitated entirely by and for private interests operating with impunity within a legally protected framework afforded to incorporated entities. This state of affairs is most often portrayed and rationalized as some form of democratically enabled, market-driven capitalist society benefiting from what is posited as the infallible efficiencies inherent in free markets, and various popular conceptions of "free enterprise."

Fascism, in the broadest sense, does not have to connote a top-down authoritarian regime of elites, but rather, a convergence of many private interests that jointly manipulate government, typically using a mandate derived from  exploiting economic malaise, or a fierce and often misguided sense of nationalism. Often, the fascist's hold on power is propagated and perpetuated by contrived, false, or exaggerated claims of national threat from foreign bodies, immigrants, minorities, and most socially liberal beliefs, faiths, and policies.

Over the past two years, Jonah Goldberg, an editor and hack scholar with the conservative National Review, and son of arch-partisan Lucianne Goldberg (from the Monica Lewinsky scandals of the Clinton administration) fooled a lot of people by completely distorting the commonly held academic views of fascism by publishing a disingenuously manipulative screed titled "Liberal Fascism." 

Inspired by a personal grudge against his many liberal critics, and mostly relying on bogus interpretations of fascism that were used by Stalin to discredit the rising German "social democrats," he simply disregarded 75 years of scholarship on the subject, and used his stature with a hard right wing publication to push a contrived mess of a thesis onto a willing right wing constituency that welcomed an intellectualized rationalization of their contempt for liberalism. 

David Oshinsky of The New York Times wrote: "Liberal Fascism is less an expose of left-wing hypocrisy than a chance to exact political revenge. Yet the title of his book aside, what distinguishes Goldberg from the Sean Hannitys and Michael Savages is a witty intelligence that deals in ideas as well as insults — no mean feat in the nasty world of the culture wars. Source.

David Neiwert, a journalist,and author of the Eliminationists, writes: "And yet, here we are two years later, and it turns out that many people indeed have taken Goldberg’s book seriously.  Not only was Liberal Fascism a national bestseller, but its core thesis – that, "properly understood, fascism is not a phenomenon of the right at all.  Instead, it is, and always has been, a phenomenon of the left” – has become widely accepted conventional wisdom among American conservatives, and has played a significant role in the national discourse." Read vital debunker

This preposterous polemic was propelled to the top if the NY Times best seller list, using a common right-wing tactic of marketing it heavily to right wing ideologues, often tying it into various subscription promotions.  Goldberg enjoyed himself immensely, fending off any opportunity to debate his views in open forum, precisely because he knew it was all a crock pot of nonsensical lies and distortions which were easy to sell to people who were themselves, the bread and butter patriots of any movement deserving the fascist label. When you have hyper-partisan thugs like Andrew Breitbart, Sean Hannity, and all the other ideological thugs to promote a book, once can make a lot of money telling fairy tales. And he did.

And he just didn't care about the relative falsities he perpetuated. His world view is perfectly aligned with the more opportunistic aspects of fascist ideology, but he lacks the intellectual courage to admit it. He projected all the worst aspects of the fascist ideology onto liberals, knowing that a massive right wing echo chamber, led by Fox news, can make it "truth." And so it has in fact come to be thus for millions of Fox viewers, who also, perhaps not coincidentally, think that the Fox propaganda network is "the most trusted name in news." 

As "Tea parties" and other fascist-like–if not overtly fascist–movements now gain steam in America, propelled by economic hardship and fierce partisan propaganda advanced by right wing Internet sites and Fox news, we on the left have to start reversing these lies by summoning every sensible historian and scholar to start correcting the historical record and populist memes.  If we don't, we may quickly find ourselves under the treads of a new and nuclear-armed fascist tank we might once have stopped.

I hope this reader might start a trend on the left, and in academia, to start rebooting the history of the fascist reality for millions of people who are far too susceptible to the organized lying that has become our national religion, of late.

Any person with a high school education, who reads the REAL history of fascism, and its mechanisms, should be able to understand why it's the antithesis of liberalism, and why it was all the more clever to try and equate the two in the minds of the people they know are already but a few steps away from Brown shirts. That's why you hear Obama bashers, who can't define liberals, capitalism, OR fascism, throwing around the term "fascist" whenever Obama gets mentioned. It's not just stupid; it may be deadly.


Overviews of Fascist Trends in America

Chomsky Warns of Risk of Fascism in America | The Progressive New

“I’m just old enough to have heard a number of Hitler’s speeches on the radio,” he said, “and I have a memory of the texture and the tone of the cheering mobs, and I have the dread sense of the dark clouds of fascism gathering” here at home.

Part I – Fascist America: Are we there yet?

..our fascist American future now looms very large in the front windshield — and those of us who value American democracy need to understand how we got here, what’s changing now, and what’s at stake in the very near future if these people are allowed to win — or even hold their ground.

Part II – Fascist America: The last turnoff

Part III – Resistance for the long haul

The Details

Five Stages of Fascism, Robert Paxton

Fascist America, in 10 easy steps, Naomi Wolfe

Back Stories



Fascism: What It Is and How To Fight It, by Leon Trotsky

Right Wing Distortions & Misinformation

The Eliminationists: How Hate Talk Radicalized the American Right (Review)

Jonah Goldberg's tendentious history of liberalism- By Timothy Noah – Slate


American Conservative Movement in PicturesWashington 9/12 Teaparty, 2009. A photo essay by @strwbrry_blonde that gives you a sense of what rampant, misguided nationalism can look like, up close and personal.

VIDEO ~ White Power in The USA (and Inside the Teaparty) — The language of white supremacy is very similar to what the Teaparty is now selling. It takes about 15 minutes for this video to really get there, but look for the many similarities throughout. If this is indeed the emerging America of the 21st century, we're in very, very deep trouble.

Please Help

This reading list was just a quick and dirty. I would like to assemble a very large library of reading on this topic. If you have good materials and authors, please post them as comments, or email them to me.

Try this at home

Get out a notepad, and spend an hour reading these two articles, which, while pretty general, do a very good job of reciting the bullet points of these eras.

As you read, write down points of interest which you think clearly resonate with our present populist "rebellions."  They don't have to be exact matches. They merely have to resonate with the kinds of social forces, resentments, and anger which allowed these hideous histories to evolve.

Then, tweet what you see, as a single assertion or statement, and include the word #Fascismy. I will watch that tag, and pull what you tweet into a post that summarizes what you see.  Don't hesitate to use more than 140 characters via services like Twitlonger.com, or tinypaste.com.

My point is not to suggest we ARE precisely like these previous moments in history.  Only… repeat.. ONLY to illustrate that there ARE, in fact, many such parallels that are painfully obvious to anyone that bothers to note them. Not with generalities or trite gestures such as drawing mustaches on Presidents, but with real specifics of historical fact.

What you do with that information is entirely up to you. I feel it's important that we all remind ourselves that sometimes, history is what happens; it's not always what we see coming until it's already past, and its damage done.

Oh, should you comment with something about Godwin's law, my response will probably be simply this.