The Fox wingnut soap opera 24, has cast a middle east suicide bombing terrorist character (with an American mother… who won't arouse suspicion) who curiously enough, bears a very strong physical and facial resemblance to DailyKos founder, Markos Moulitsas. The actor's name is Rami Malek.

Oh, and funny thing: The character's name is "Markos." Must be a coincidence, I reckon.

You can see the March 1st episode here once they post it.

The character is introduced at about the 32 minute mark. He's answering a cell phone inside a truck, hovering over the fuel rods to be used in a dirty bomb. The bastid! Until then, you can see a still photo of Malek below, to the right of famous Interwebs terrorist himself.



Markos Moulitsas – Terrorist                      24's Remi Malek

Close enough for government work!