Here's your playbill for today's — and probably tonight's —historic activities (we should hope).

I will be updating it with more resources throughout the day.


"This is our moment." — President Barack Obama, 3/20/2010

Live Coverage

C-Span — Will be streaming the events all day, starting at 12:00 noon

Guides and Info


People to Follow on Twitter

  • @kagrox — David Waldman, from Congress Matters.  And expert on the messy sausage making of democracy
  • @karoli — As close to a citizen expert as we have on #HCR
  • @noetical — Always the purveyor of awesome.
  • @ezraklein — Washington Post blogger, who may know even more about #HCR than @Karoli (but isn't as cute).
  • @rkref  — He cuts through the clutter, and enjoys knowing where the bodies are buried.
  • @markos — Daily Kos founder. With and wisdom from the right side of the aisle (a.k.a. left side).
  • @bradbaumn — Sunlight's communication director, and an expert on District ditherings.
  • @markknoller — CBS White House Correspondent
  • @shoq —  Some chucklehead. Sometimes good for a chuckle.
  • @lizzWinstead  — because she's a lot fucking funnier than you are.
  • @nationalLampoon — It's a pretty funny feed, lately. A new editor, I hear!
  • @sanuzis — Saul Anuzis, Republican operative. Follow the #gopFail! 
  • @ewerickson — Soon to be next president of the Conservative News Network (CNN)


"The Speech"

President Obama's eloquent speech on why the time for health care reform is now. No notes. No teleprompter. Just vintage Barack Obama.

"I am bound to be true."

Must see.