Backstory on this issue

Progressives MUST push back against this kind of political tampering or the Right wing will learn to apply it wherever they can. Please take a few minutes and help to reverse this obscene development.

Ways You Can Help:


1) SWAMP Komen's contact form with your protest messages.

2) CALL Komen's switchboard at 1-877-465-6636 them and express your outrage.

If you're at a loss for your own words, just say this:


3) SIGN this petition:

4) Call a friend and have them join you in GIVING any amount directly to Planned Parenthood.

A big bump in giving to them will send a big message.

5) Hammer out your outrage on their Facebook page

6) Join us in tweeting (and retweeting) "#NewKomenSlogan."

Be sure to include @komenForTheCure so they are sure to get the message in their social media inbox. Here is the hashtag stream:!/search?q=%23NewKomenSlogan

7) Contact Komen's Board Directly.

If someone will find their emails and I will post them.

8) Tweet your outrage to @yoplaityogurt @nancyGbrinker @komenforthecure

Don't threaten "boycotts." Empty threats of that type are meaningless. Just imply that their "brand" is being badly tarnished by this. That matters:

RT @Shoq: @yoplaityogurt You cannot continue to support @komenforthecure  without cost to your own reputation  cc @NancyGBrinker

RT @Shoq: @yoplaityogurt @komenforthecure  will probably not exist in 2 years. Do the right thing and support another org cc  @nancyGbrinker

RT @shoq:  @yoplaityogurt Please be sure your board is aware of just how bad this could get. Women are angry. @komenforthecure @nancyGbrinker

9) HELP us collect the social media contact info for Komen's sponsors

Just open this spreadsheet and look up the names on Twitter and Facebook and fill in the IDs so we can furnish the info to people and programs trying to fight this obscenity. You can also use the list to tweet these companies yourself.

10) Promote the Facebook version of this page, too. Thanks!

11) Use the tweet button below and pass this page around.