Enough is enough.  Just tune in to Twitter’s #tcot hashtag on any given day, and the nitwittery about “the liberal media” flows like pus from a lanced boil.  It may seem like old news to some, but the fact is, the Conservative/Corporate dominance of our media is still one of the single  greatest threats to our democracy.

By controlling the popular (mass audience) print and broadcast narratives, they control the discussion, and the issues.  This is why it’s been almost impossible to do the logical things we must do as a society. The conservative/libertarian special interests have an ongoing compelling interest in ensuring that government be dysfunctional, and having a dysfunctional media is one of the best ways to ensure that.

I’ve never been able to locate a really clear and concise reading list on the topic.  Most web pages are random essays with suggested lists tossed in as an afterthought (like so many explainers and FAQs).

I’d like to make it easier to distribute (tweet) the best of the basic debunkers regarding this insidious lie that helps the conservative movement dominate our media and public narratives.

This is really just a starting list, and I plan on adding more,  but I want to keep it compact and focused on the high points of the issues, and not overwhelm. If you have good items to suggest, please post a link in the comments below.

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