Thursday, April 1st is Rachel #Maddow's Birthday

Update 1:  Today is the day. Add #maddow to your tweets.

Update 2:  SIGN HER BIRTHDAY CARD. By adding a comment to @sluggahjells's diary on @dailyKos.


Without going into all the reasons why we worship her for proving that the entire Fourth Estate is not yet merely a lawn sale, let's just say it would be fun to make this day an event for her—and all of us.  After all, it's been one of the better damn weeks this nation has had in a mighty long while, and Rachel Maddow was a core asset throughout this miserable bloody Health Care Reform battle.  That it's also April Fool's day makes the possibilities all the more delicious to contemplate.

As I was just informed of this 10 minutes ago, I am not sure of what #gametags might be fun to play yet, but I'll get with @lizzWinstead and others and plot something out.  If you have some ideas to bring on game day, please do tweet them. Naturally, we will have to run all plans through General Soros.  Please check this page frequently for updates. Please use the Tweet button below—and then favorite it for reference.

The Event Video

This is the fabulous video that @rayk58 made to kick off the event. I was under the impression that the idea came from the @Maddow program itself, and the video evolved from that. Apparently, it was all Ray, all the time. Congrats to Ray for a great idea. Sorry I didn't know enough to credit him in the first edition of this post. FYI: I never had suggested anywhere in this post that this was in any way my idea. I'm just the resident good ideas pimp :)


What Are We Doing?

::Shrug:: At minimum, we're going to include the "#maddow" #gametags in our tweets.  When enough of them appear, Twitter staff will greenlight it (we hope) and it "trends," and thus, immediately shows up on Twitter's search apps as a so-called "trending topic."

Beyond that, we don't know what the day will bring.  At the very least, ensuring that "#Maddow" is in our tweets. How often is up to you. You can be sure the ideas will be flowing.

Be sure to follow @maddowTag  for more info — Don't panic, it's just @shoq behind the curtain. 

Also follow idea founder @rayk58 and his @madbdaytweets

Probably best you follow @shoq too, or he whines. We don't know just how @maddowTag will work yet, if at all.

How Do We Communicate About This?

Uh.. with the #Maddow Tag?

The Only Rules

  • Don't Be Annoying. — Don't tweet:  "#maddow #maddow #maddow #maddow #maddow."
    You'll just piss off your followers, and the repetition has no impact on the trending process.
    (Each Tweet's tag counts only once. Seriously. That's it. No mas. Don't do it. Clear? Fine.)

  • Don't tweet to @maddow or @maddowblog. —Because that would suck, and the karma from that is just not something you want to contemplate, nor do I want on my conscience.

  • Try and be cute, funny, or AA (appropriately adoring).

  • Boring is ok (we're used to that)

  • Don't be insipid. Seriously. Don't

Is General Soros Ok With This?

We never really know. Ever since 2006, when he got out of active political spending, the right wing sees him behind every hothouse, whorehouse and outhouse. 

But I can tell you from first hand knowledge, that Dear Leader simply adores Rachel, and would probably give $1 matching dollar for every #maddow tweet we make to the "Send Rush To Costa Rica." fund.

On the other hand, maybe he wouldn't.  He's a funny kinda guy, like that.  (But not anything like all those other left wing billionaires we work for.) 

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