An old and dear Candian friend of mine wrote this to some of his inner circle.  I thought I'd share,


Dear Americans,
We have been so entertained over the years by your television broadcasts, but never more so than the past few months with your election primaries. We find ourselves huddled by the TV each night, eagerly awaiting the next installment of the epic drama “Republicans! The Never Ending Story!”  It has everything needed for good television: A changing cast of absurdly unlikely characters, imagination-defying plot twists, hubris, fear and righteous indignation, with dialog that ricochets from inane to silly to terrifying to eye-wateringly funny — often in the same clip. Brilliant!
 So keep it up. But when the second season begins in the fall, try adding some more characters. Someone of colour, maybe. Or female. Or — yes! — an alien from another planet. Sure. That’s it. And keep airing episodes every night. It’ll be riveting. And you can be sure your neighbours here will be watching — from a safe distance.
 Your Canadian cousins


He's not the only Canadian to express such sentiments, of course.  Here's Globe and Mail's Jeffrey Simpson:

Watching a once-great party circle the drain