So many people asked for these, it was easier to just post them here. They are in reverse chronological order. Best read from the bottom up.


Ok, #iamthankfulfor is now bring out the saps and slop artists. Time to close that tweet deck column until next year.

Dear #IAmThankfulFor: By the time a tag like this trends, it jumped the shark 6 hours ago. Start then. You'll enjoy it more :)     

#iAmThankfulFor having worked this poetic tag for hours before it soared over the fucking shark on a jet ski.       

#iAmThankfulFor for douchebags who know they are douchebags and spare me the unpleasantness of pointing it out to them.      

#iAmThankfulFor for everyone who ever lived that consciously sought to leave something good for future generations.       

#iAmThankfulFor for people who tell me my words strike a cord with them. Twitter makes me feel like a writer, sometimes.       

#iAmThankfulFor people who believe justice isn't always fair & fairness isn't always just, but caring about both is always right.       

#iAmThankfulFor for our socialistic ancestors who left us National parks to enjoy       

#iAmThankfulFor for having had a father who taught me that smart wasn't about what you know, but what you do with what you know.      

#iAmThankfulFor for people who prove every day that ethics and good character can be as natural as sunlight.       

#iAmThankfulFor some Conservative dingleberry that was too culturally clueless to know what "teabagging" meant.       

#iAmThankfulFor for living twice as long as I had even known my father, but still learning from him every day.        

#iAmThankfulFor for people who see a void in the world, or someone's life, and make an effort to fill it with something good.       

#iAmThankfulFor people who are on Twitter without any financial motive to be here.       

#iAmThankfulFor Educators, scientists, physicians & others who find reward in achievements not measured by net worth.       

#iAmThankfulFor for people who can be thankful for things that do not directly affect them.       

#iAmThankfulFor people who fearlessly welcome a chance to learn about life and experience outside of their own.       

#iAmThankfulFor Early & mid-twentieth century Americans who worked hard to give us advantages we're taking for granted.       

#iAmThankfulFor for those writers, artists, musicians and poets who make life richer with work they're rarely paid to produce.       

#iAmThankfulFor cats who let us to be selfless servants without any expectation of getting something back–ever.      

#iamthankfulfor learning in 9th grade that John Galt was not a real person, and that, unfortunately, Ayn Rand was.       

#iamthankfulfor not being one of those inspid "thankful" tweeters who could make even a Hallmark card writer yak on himself.     

#iamThankFulFor for Twitter, which has brought me a world of new friends I might never have known without it.      

#iamThankFulFor for a mother who taught me that some arts could reveal truth as well as some sciences.

#iamThankFulFor having had a war hero dad who fought for his country w/o needing to validate himself talking about it.