As we listen to Republicans waste time discussing culture war issues we all thought had been settled long ago, the world moves on around us, mostly out of sight to ordinary Americans.

Some call Occupy Wall Street a revolution. Well, perhaps it may be, and it may be a peaceful variant, but this PBS video is a pretty good glimpse at what the other kind looks like in Syria.  After a brief related story, the video really ramps up at about 2:30 in. Wait for it.

At most, the major networks will give us a minute or two of this conflict every few nights. This will give you deeper insight into the real war that is raging in that historically rich country, where some are desperately trying to end its legacy of dictatorship and oppression. 

Warning: these images may be disturbing to people living a comfortable middle class lifestyle:

Watch 2 Journalists Killed in Syria Amid Escalating Violence on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.