Driven to desperation by the actions of the vicious terrorist Markos Moulitsas, often likened to the infamous death panel inventor, Carlos the Jackal, agent Jack Bauer rigs up an explosive "Uber Rendition Vest (URV)," as ordered by his CTU Commander, Liz Cheney. 


Immediately after photo was taken, Bauer triggers the URV, and tosses Satan into some sort of pressure chamber, and the actual rendering begins.


The result was not a pretty picture…



Fox’s 24 Casts “Markos” as a Terrorist

The Fox wingnut soap opera 24, has cast a middle east suicide bombing terrorist character (with an American mother… who won't arouse suspicion) who curiously enough, bears a very strong physical and facial resemblance to DailyKos founder, Markos Moulitsas. The actor's name is Rami Malek.

Oh, and funny thing: The character's name is "Markos." Must be a coincidence, I reckon.

You can see the March 1st episode here once they post it.

The character is introduced at about the 32 minute mark. He's answering a cell phone inside a truck, hovering over the fuel rods to be used in a dirty bomb. The bastid! Until then, you can see a still photo of Malek below, to the right of famous Interwebs terrorist himself.



Markos Moulitsas – Terrorist                      24's Remi Malek

Close enough for government work!