I showed a Canadian friend, a small business owner, the video we made this summer about Real Canadians talking real health care.

I felt I would share his reply, which conveys the sheer wonderment Canadians have about how incredibly foolish Americans have become. How willing this once great nation is to be manipulated by the super rich. How willing we are to just STFU and be slaves to the status quo. It's pathetic and dispiriting.



I like your video.  There was a lovely live feed of personal stories when this petition on Avaaz came out.

I am continually puzzled how many Americans find something wrong with Universal health care.  Why wouldn't you want health care for free and a higher life expectancy?  And at basically no cost.  Do you know that the US taxpayer pays as much per person for public healthcare as the Canadian taxpayer does, even though for that amount of money the Canadian taxpayer covers everything for everybody?

It's a shame Obama didn't go wholly public.  It's the hybrid system and all the money and billing and risk management, and the efforts to pass costs and risks on to others that makes the system expensive.

I don't know if you asked the people you interviewed about their politics, like Michael Moore did.  I'm certain you could easily make a video like that with nothing but conservative voters.  The disappointing thing is that not a single elected Conservative said anything to defend our system when their American friends started misrepresenting it.

When do we wake up from this hideous dream? When do we stop letting 20 million Fox News viewers and Rush Limbaugh listeners, fooled by huge corporate propaganda dollars, from forcing the rest of us to sit back and watch our nation slide off a cliff.  And for what?  To  protect the interests of a very few privileged people.  People who would do well to stop this exploitation of the rest of us before the consequences come knocking on their doors with pitchforks and torches.



I never get over the fun we have intervening in the monumentally stupid Teaparty movement. What isn't controlled by a top-down hegemonic effort like Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks, gets continuously gamed by an army of two-bit right wing entrepreneurs trying to make a buck off of this rabid right Hatriot movement. 

I'm going to  keep a running list of some of the high points of our Teabag punks.

Twitter Users Crash Teabagger Organizer's Call

Wwe get ahold of their conference call plans, and summon some fun lefties to sit in. Much hilarity ensues:

Twitter Users Punk Teaparty Call: Warrantless Wiretaps (Here call  here)

Dailykos.com-Twitterers-Crash-Teaparty-Organizing-Session (Read the great comments!)

The #teapartyCall Hashtag (start at last page of tweets)


Michael P. Leahy sues StephanieInCA for calling him a Lizard.

Steph says "bring it on." He caves..

Suit concludes. with Stephanie's recap and end-game post.

The widely reported backstory

Conservative Twitter Guy is Teased, Brings Lawsuit – Village Voice

Top Conservative on Twitter Takes Critic to Court | Harvard's Citizen Media Law Project


@Strwbrry_Blonde Captures Teaparty in Pictures

American Conservative Movement in Pictures – Washington 9/12 Teaparty, 2009. My friend @Stawbrry_Blonde went to the Washington 912 Teaparty and recorded the most frightening glimpses of a nation of racist proles gone mad. Still a classic pictorial. .

Other Events, Hoaxes and Assorted Wins


Video:  Robert Erickson gets Tea Parties to Shout "Columbus Go Home" — Also read the whole  backstory by: Huffington Post's DawnTeo

Bruce Bartlet, while discussing why spending, and not tax cuts are still needed, has taken a bat to the whining deficit hawks on the real cause of the Federal shortfall.  

According to the Congressional Budget Office’s January 2009 estimate for fiscal year 2009, outlays were projected to be $3,543 billion and revenues were projected to be $2,357 billion, leaving a deficit of $1,186 billion. Keep in mind that these estimates were made before Obama took office, based on existing law and policy, and did not take into account any actions that Obama might implement.

Therefore, unless one thinks that McCain would have somehow or other raised taxes and cut spending (with a Democratic Congress), rather than enacting a stimulus of his own, then a deficit of $1.2 trillion was baked in the cake the day Obama took office. Any suggestion that McCain would have brought in a lower deficit is simply fanciful.

Now let’s fast forward to the end of fiscal year 2009, which ended on September 30. According to CBO, it ended with spending at $3,515 billion and revenues of $2,106 billion for a deficit of $1,409 billion.

To recap, the deficit came in $223 billion higher than projected, but spending was $28 billion and revenues were $251 billion less than expected. Thus we can conclude that more than 100 percent of the increase in the deficit since January is accounted for by lower revenues. Not one penny is due to higher spending.

Of course, Bush's unfunded tax cuts couldn't have anything to with all of this. Nah.

Now what pisses me off about all this, is why the administration done such a poor job of explaining all of this to voters and the media. Republican memes get all the traction because administration and democratic advanced teams are rarely if ever in evidence when they're most needed–which is before the memes can take hold.

Knowing how dominant conservative economic voices are on CNBC, FOX, CSPAN and most op-eds, it seems axiomatic that one needs to ramp up  public relations spin when facts are as cut and dried as these–and clearly going to be used against you. When you know the elephant will drop a load of manure in the road, why not get in front of the beast instead of buried by the turds?

One of my few grudging respects for Republicans comes from watching their spin teams not sit on clear leads with the media. They never assume they've won, and keep bludgeoning the media and voters with as many hammers as they can get their grimy little hands on. Democrats–and certainly Democratic administrations–need to learn one simple lesson of the Internet age:

Marketing, advertising and public relations need just as much time and attention as the details of the polices and legislation they are expected to sell.

We can only hope they start to get this, before its too late. As I type this, the 5th anti-health care reform ad from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has aired in the hour since I woke up. We cannot maintain even the appearance of a real democracy, when all the media manipulation flows from only one direction.