Posted on 9/29/2012

 "No facts?"  In Matt Osborne's "Twitter Brigade Burn Notice" post an update referred to here, Osborne included:

  • 80 factual points, including statements and assertions that people would testify to in court,
  • 32 exhibits  of material evidence, including emails, instant messages, tweets and deleted tweets.

Posted on 10/02/2012

Uh, people writing responsibly (and who have jobs) may require some time to  construct responses using those pesky things called "facts."  Oh, and it also took a week or so to scour this hit piece for the evidence of "bullying" he mentioned so often. I failed. So have others, apparently

Once upon a slime, Milt Shook wrote a 4000 word smoke screen.

In the image at the top of this page, the political blogger Milt Shook suggests that another blogger's detailed look at the possible origins and motives of an organized smear campaign about me reads like the gossip site "TMZ." You know, the sort of site where  allegations and ineuendo get made, but almost no hard facts are presented?  This post shall examine a 4000 word blog hit piece (that Shook claims isn't a  hit piece), where Shook appears to attack OsborneInk's post, but merely as a way of attacking me by-proxy. I think discerning readers will soon see that the gentleman doth protested—and projected— just a bit too much :)

Shook's screed seems to have had 4 objectives.  To 1) discredit Osborne, who unpacked a complex, nearly 2 month smear campaign against me that had been cleverly packaged as victims pushing back against "verbal abuse"; 2)  promote the meme that it was a consequence of my own behavior, as evidenced by rumors, gossip, and self-serving portrayals over the years by various trolls and detractors; 3) minimize and deflect from his own role in the events behind the smears, while simultaenously trying to distance himself from a drama in which he was both an actor and a screenwriter; and finally, 4) posture as a heroic truth teller, using almost no facts whatever so he could bask in the adulation of the people gleefully receptive to any new contribution to the smear campaign.

The fact that Shook would go to press with something this thinly documented, knowing Osborne was bringing out more of the story in series, makes Shook's speculations and assertions look almost like credibility suicide notes. His post mostly speaks for itself (poorly), but I will respond to some of its more reaching or specious sentences with something his post was recklessly short on: evidence. 

UPDATE: Since this post was written, @HeatherEChase admitted that almost everything said here, and in Matt Osborne's posts (with evidence) were completely true. Oopsy! Of course, she continues to manipulate, offering still new lies (without any evidence) to continue her cover-up. And naturally, Shook is quick to defend those lies too. He never appears concerned with, nor makes mentions of the fact that Chase now admits to exactly what Shook says never happened.  What's important is that after all of Shook's lying (which I take apart herein), Heather Chase came right out and made him look like an accomplice, a stooge, and a fool. Given his dishonesty and transparent mendacity, I'm really ok with that.  

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Milt Shook, the Outsider

In many of his tweets shown on  the tweets exhibits page, you can see how hard our Superman, Milt Shook tries to assert that he's just an outsider to the entire drama that has encircled my life for months.  This, almost 4 months since he got involved with StopRush, 11 days before his "Burn notice, burn notice" screed, 15 days after my apology for raising my voice last January, and  33 days since @vdaze and @angryblacklady and their group began their attacks on me (on a daily basis). He alleges here that he knew nothing of my cyber-romance with @vdaze (though it had been famous fodder for almost 6 weeks before he wrote his hit piece).  Here, our outsider volunteers that he knew of "5 women" I had bullied (but he doesn't name any). That number grew to 7 in other tweets. Once again, none of these assertions have been supported with a single example or other form of even hearsay evidence. Nothing. Nada. Like Mitt Romney, he just says it, and assumes a certain audience will assume it's true.



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Unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, you've probably heard the canard acting as the title of this post.   It's been a recurring meme for 3 years now, and used by enemies, past and present to smear me and assassinate my character.  It gets new life whenever any new drama resurrects it such as the ridiculous "shoq abused vdaze narrative now entering it's third month. Smears work the same way right wing propaganda does. You repeat the lie again and again and again until enough people think "gosh, there must be something to it or all these people wouldn't be saying it, right?."  It's sometimes called "Fox News."  This may all seem pretty juvenile to you, and it is, but it usually does to someone not living through it. These people are now running "unfollower contests."  The followers lost already  mean little to me. But the damages to my name, reputation and professional interests are another matter.

The lack of any real evidence will help me in future actions taken against this vicious character assassination.  So to prove they have never had any, and never did….I am now offering an open invitation to… 

Bring it! Bring your hard evidence against @shoq 

Total (eligible) submissions since 9/30/2012:  0     


To all of you #shoqboilers out there, here's your moment to shine.  Bring us your evidence of my "bullying" and "abusing women."  Let everyone see the hard evidence of your claims which you push relentlessly, month after month, year after year.  I will let everyone see just what you have. You don't even have to leave an email. Just be sure what you have is at least credible. Only the infamous @vdaze voice message is exempt, as that 8 month old voice mail message has been discussed ad nauseum and was merely a device to triggrer this latest smear. 

As for anything else, please post below any evidence you have below AS A COMMENT on this paqe. This might include:

  • A tweet, blog post, website link that has a real person standing behind it, and not some anonymous smear-merchant with an ax to grind using phony images or unacccountable websites.
  • An accounting or anecdote with a real  witness who would sign an affadavit as to its truthfulness, or testify to it in court.
  • An email (with headers) or instant message that went through Google or some other service where the text can be subpoenaed. 
  • A voice message or other recording
  • If your evidence is a tweet, webpage, or other webobject, you must include a URL or it goes to the garbage-out page.
  • Merely posting Tweets of someone making a claim is not evidence of anything, but if you insist on looking silly, and exposing yourself (and them) to hard questions from commenters, you can post those too.
  • If you provide some lame conversation where a political difference of opinion is what you call "bullying," or my sarcastically dispatching some right wing loon or contrarian or argumentative lefty puritopian, I will let that stand, just to show how ridiculous people can be. Such engagements are not "bullying." That's called "Twitter."

I will allow anything that meets the above criteria. I have enabled posting of media too.

You don't have to leave a real name or email if you don't wish, but if you do, you will seem more credible.  

A few rules:

  • If you try to provide anecdotal or circumtantial evidence with nothing to back it up, I will delete it from this page, but move it to a garbage-out page where they can still be seen, but they won't clutter up the stream of evidence. 
  • What you post must be about yourself, or someone real who has some kind of track record on Twitter or Facebook.  Someone that has had an account for at least 6 months, for example. 
  • You, the abused person, or their appointed legal proxy or representative should be willing to stand behind the claim and discuss it below, answering questions posed by others.  You/they should also be prepared to defend it were it ever brought up in court.
  • If it's just unsupportable bullshit with no real proof it was ever posted or happened, it has no business being mentioned as evidence or a "fact" and will be moved to the garbage-out page.
  • Mere rants will not be allowed at all. If you just want to spew opinions about me, start a blog. This is for what people claim is hard evidence of Shoq's "abusing or bullying of anyone, but particularly women,"  
  • If you provide patently false information, you may expose yourself to charges of defamation or libel.

So why am I doing this?

Because I am disgusted by this daily kangaroo court justice that so many people enable because they 1) don't know or have any the facts, 2) don't want to be bullied for asking questions of the smear mongers, or 3) are simply gullible, naive, or stupid.

There is no evidence of this abuse narrative and there never was. To these #shoqboilers, I was born in Kenya, and that's the end of their story.  I argue politics, and I organize social media projects. And I do both vociferously and enthusiastically. Both have made me a lot of enemies on the Right and the Left. They rarely want to take me down with ideas or debate, so they try to intimidate people into unfollowing me, or attacking me. It's been this way for years.  

I don't bully anyone, nor do IU "abuse women."  I once raised my voice and used an inappropriate word in anger at an cybe-girlfriend who was encouraged to publish a recording of it 8 months after the fact, just to embarass me. I apologized for it here on this blog in several ways. 

So if you want to make some new charge, bring your evidence and back up your story.  But more importantly, if  you encounter anyone making such charges, ask them to post it here where everyone can share it. If they haven't done that yet, or don't want to do that for any reason, 1) ask yourself why, and then, 2) dismiss it for what it is, is: bullshit.

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I especially welcome these participants

@gottalaff, @tymlee, @nicolesandler, @angryblacklady, @vdaze, @jennyjinx, @ttlanes, @rebeccayorkart, @nadiaartist, @semishark, @brandibax, @shoqpaholic_918,@james_x_,  @themanknownasx, @iboudreau, @theXclass, @sickjew, @jc_christian,  @tosFM, @dudeImanegg, @cody_k, @deniseromano, @watergatesummer


If you have instant mesages, emails, or Direct Messages with any of the above people to disparage, smear or even urge you to unfollow me, use the contact button in the menu above. I will pay you for it. 

The Evidence Begins Below 

See garbage-out page for crap that didn't qualify as serious evidence.  (01) posts moved there.