This is a response to requests from people asking me to publicly defend myself against the extraordinary series of tweets about my relationship with @vdaze (Jessica) and my character.

Doing so would only further escalate a sad public end to a private and personal relationship. Instead, I am stepping out of this drama. I will have no public response to any of this campaign or these tactics, beyond the one already made on my blog.

My friends, family, business associates, and others are entitled to know all of the facts. I will provide them with full documentation privately. The documents will speak for themselves.

To all of you who have expressed concern and support, my grateful thanks. I appreciate your wisdom and kindness more than you will ever know.

– Matt aka Shoq


Dear readers:
I rarely, as a matter of policy, make personal appeals, especially if they are for money. This one is not.
Darcy Doherty is the dearest friend of a Canadian family member of mine. His struggle with cancer has been heroic, thus far, but now, he's being denied an experimental drug—that has already been effective—on what is essentially a technicality.  While all such drugs are risky, and carry no guarantees, it is all but certain that he will be dead shortly without it.
I urge you to read his latest missive to family and friends, ready the news story in it, and sign his petition at the bottom.
Again, this is not a fund raising appeal. It's a petition to grant what may prove to be a life extending therapy to a gravely ill human who is hanging on to a thread of hope.  Your effort may literally safe a life.
Thank you.
Darcy Doherty writes:
Hi Everyone,
Not quite the improvement that I’d been hoping for.  As most of you know, my cancer has been quite aggressive of late and both my wife Rebecca and I have spent the better part of the past three months either searching for therapies or waiting in line for one.
Three of my oncologists all concurred the best choice for therapy is a new immunotherapy called antibody PD-I produced by Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). You might remember this is the same drug company that produced the immune therapy Ipilumamab that I had such a fantastic response to.  In early April, I was fortunate to jump on an antibody PD-1 trial in Tampa but unfortunately had to wait in line due to demand. In early May, I received the devastating blow that I’d been excluded from trial due to new, albeit small, brain tumors.
Rebecca has been actively pursuing BMS for compassionate use of the drug, to no avail. We therefore have decided to take my story to the media.
We will also be on the Global National News tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm and in the Globe & Mail in the morning.
If interested, please:



My good buddy Andy, (@dvnix) has alerted me to a potentional security issue for some facebook users. I haven't personally confirmed this, but it seemed important enough to pass on to you.
Andy writes:
As of January 1 2012, people who use Selective Twitter to update their Facebook status may be exposing their Twitter IDs. While not a problem for some, those who desire to keep a modicum of anonymity between the two communities might find this disconcerting.
The fix is very simple – go to and untick "Include a link to your twitter profile below each update?" This will prevent the behavior going forward.
Additionally, you can go and hide previous posts from January 1st on forward by going to the "All Activity" section of your Facebook page. To access this, simply replace "YOUR_USERNAME" with your Facebook ID:
To hide the post utilize the furthest icon on the right of each activity entry. It should allow you to choose "Featured on Timeline", "Allowed on Timeline" and "Hidden from Timeline". Choose the latter to hide the affected posts.