Meet Mike Gogulski

The video below was made by him. And who is he?  Why, he's a close associate of one @DavidMHouse, the "friend of friends" of Bradley Manning, who provided the sole "eyewitness" account of Bradley Manning's "deteriorating" condition, using words he was quite obviously coached to use by someone, perhaps Dr. Jeffrey Kaye?

Born in Phoenix, Arizona, and currently living in Bratislava, Slovakia, Gogulski calls himself a "stateless person."  On his websites,including and, he indulges in all sorts of hoary rhetoric that boasts of his love for anything anarchy, like most of the people House seems to be connected to (including, we might speculate, associates of Julian Assange?)

Mike is also the co-administrator of the Bradley Manning mailing list (see bottom credits).  And who is the other administrator of this list, which has very few active users, as far as I can tell? Why, it's David M.House! 

Now just because they share a love of anarchy, and co-manage a mailing list dedicated to Bradley Manning, I am not going to suggest that Mike's video in any way represents the views of David M. House, nor the other programmer/hackivist types Mike runs with. But the sheer loopiness of the ramblings in this video sure might provoke thinking people to ask questions about some of those connections.  And since our stenographic media hasn't yet asked any probing questions about David House yet, that might be a good thing.


Note: Mike looks a bit older here, than in his Website photos (by at least 10 years). But all email roads lead back to the same Golguski. They are one and the same.



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