I just watched…

one my favorite George Carlin clips, after laughing my ass off at the introduction to it on this site, which is another in a long line Alex Jones/Prison Planet conspiracy subsets of the insanity soiling and spoiling this nation.

Such manipulation is getting more common with each passing week, and this one is just typical of the "any lie that someone will buy" school of publishing that Andrew Breitbart aspires to each time he opens his word processor. With almost limitless corporate money behind them, and an increasingly angry and blinded electorate, they will say anything, contrive anything, fabricate anything, or contort anything that they think will advance the memes that advance their concorporate agenda. It's shameless, dangerous, and sadly… probably unstoppable.

I am quite sure they won't publish my hastily crafted comment, so I've included it here.

And my comment was…

You fuckwits. Anyone that knows Carlin knows that “30 years ago” referred to the Reagan takeover (by Don Reagan and his stooge, Ronnie). And he never spoke of the Rothschilds, Soros or any of your other Illuminati boogie men. He was referring to the same “business” interests (Corporations) that this stupid fucking site is always blowing smoke for. You stopped fooling people years ago. Now go ahead and delete this, and get on with your hysterical paleoconservative agenda.

Then Carlin's daughter commented…

Someone in my Twitter stream alerted @kelly_carlin to the post above, and her response was great:

And although he would entertain the conspiracy theorists at times (illuminati, etc.), he HATED REAGAN, and was speaking about Reagan in this piece. HE HATED THE RIGHT WITH FEROCITY.

Read her whole comment