Flattered and confused 

The always brilliant Nicole Sandler, formerly of Air America Radio, has asked me to join her for a conversation on her new show, tonight at 7:30 EST. 

The audio & video streamshttp://radioornot.com

Hashtag  #shoqradio

CALL IN (join us): (213) 291-9410

I have no idea why, or what we will talk about, but so long as I'm not expected to vote Republican, I'll try anything… once.

I'd Like Your Help

Unless Nicole shuts me down, I'd like to experiment with Twitter interaction a bit than most radio guests do. So feel free to Tweet anything to the Twitter Gametag  #shoqRadio, if you think it's relevant to the discussion.  And more importantly, listen for questions or cues I put out, asking for things you might look up and respond with answers or link resources.  Naturally, I can't promise I'll be able to use anything you tweet, so don't guilt me out later :)

If you want either of us to read a link on the air, it's far easier if you register the URL with a bit.ly "custom alias," so that this:

http://bit.ly/b1dmhB  becomes this: http://bit.ly/gametag

If you tweet that custom tag, remember to turn off your Twitter Client's shortening service, or it will try to shorten the custom tag (and that would be a bad thing).

Also, if you tweet to us, please remember that talking, reading and tweeting can be hard, so keep those tweets short and simple.  Sending two brief and clear tweets is  better than a complex tweet.


I have done radio twice in my life, and both times concerned Twitter.  One reason I love Twitter is that I can take my time and say what I want to say, and can compose at my leisure. If I was great at speaking extemporaneously, I'd probably get laid more. 

So bear with me, and don't expect the snarks to roll off my tongue as they sometimes do from my fingers.  Also, when I speak, I get serious about the shit that makes me mad. There's a lot of that, lately, so brace for it :)

Cover me, I'm goin in…