Nonsense is nonsense

…and it should be exposed as such; often and always. There are few right wing lies quite so annoying as "the Nazis were Leftists/Socialists/Communists" lie. The revisionist hooey whores like Jonah Goldberg have made it easier for this orchestrated stupidity to gain new traction with his "Liberal Fascism" screed. The left, as it is quite good at doing lately, has utterly failed to push back against this absurdity in any focused manner, so this too gains acceptance among those who think Obama was born in Kenya, the media is liberal, Canadians are overwhelming the U.S. health care system, and government can't create jobs.

I don't have time to write a detailed primer on this topic, but let me put down a few good articles you can use to defuse this idiotic argument. It's not hard. I will update it as I have time. If you know of some brief or extended articles I should add here, please pass them along to me via Twitter or in comments below.

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Brief Debunkers

The GOP uses deception and fears to try to break the president and his agenda for change. Ultra-right broadcasters even lie about our World War II enemy. Their claims about health care, big business and "socialism" in Nazi Germany are not only untrue, but vicious and ignorant

The Myth 1 — The Nazis were National Socialists and therefore Nazism is a form of socialism. The left-wing parties like Labour and the Greens are therefore similar to the Nazis politically.

The Truth 1 — Nope: a common mistake propagated by people who think that a name means what it says. Take the Democratic Republic of Congo, the German Democratic Republic or the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea). Any takers for claiming them as being democracies?

Extended Debunkers

To most people, Hitler's beliefs belong to the extreme far right. For example, most conservatives believe in patriotism and a strong military; carry these beliefs far enough, and you arrive at Hitler's warring nationalism. This association has long been something of an embarrassment to the far right. To deflect such criticism, conservatives have recently launched a counter-attack, claiming that Hitler was a socialist, and therefore belongs to the political left, not the right.

The primary basis for this claim is that Hitler was a National Socialist. The word "National" evokes the state, and the word "Socialist" openly identifies itself as such.

However, there is no academic controversy over the status of this term: it was a misnomer. Misnomers are quite common in the history of political labels

SPLC has some great articles in their archive that reveal just how many of the more vicious and ignorant Nazi myths have been morphed and migrated into American extremist's culture. Often with the tacit approval of many mainstream conservatives and Republicans.


  • JesseMace

    not every country’s politics fits into our spectrum as neatly as we define our own divisions. conservatives in this country, and this means conservative to some standard, and that happens to be the constitution, conservatives do not see hitler as a conservative because hitler did not give a shit about the u.s. constitution. hitler was not for limited government, or liberty, and certainly he was not a fan of our constitution, so to compare him to our political right is the left’s attempt at demagoguery. he was a dictator and a tyrant. this article attempts to debunk the socialist connection, but all i see is b.s. was hitler a proponent of free enterprise and capitalism? did he support a bill of rights to protect individual liberties? stop comparing hitler to the right, he’s more like obama than anyone on the right. in order for hitler to be conservative, you have to define the standard that he is conservative about. if he was a proponent of nazism and had a strict interpretation of it, that would make him conservative to that, but there’s no effing connection to our constitution. anyways hitler created his power and form of government so conservative politics means little if you rule your own creation. if hitler was conservative concerning a very leftists agenda that still doesn’t have jack to do with the people over here who are conservative towards limited constitutional government…conservatives here believe in limited government because that would be a conservative reading of the constitution which we believe calls for limited government. over there in germany, hitler was conservative about what philosophy??? and wtf did that have to do with the u.s. constitution? also, patriotism and strong military are not limited to constitutional conservatives. i bet nearly every country has either patriotism, or strong military or both. this whole article says nothing, and it builds a straw man from nothing. hitler was not for life, liberty or property, with limited representative government of the people, by the people and for the people. hitler looked more like a modern liberal.

    • DuckDodgers24

      Totally agree. ?

  • Anonymous

    What party is trying to remove the Jews from their land and give it to a group of bandits with no ties to that land?  It’s not the GOP, it’s the marxist you dimwits elected for your preisident.  Had enough hope and change yet? 

    What party is George Soros tied in with?  It was he who sent his own to the gas chambers to their demise. He took their belongings and sold them for money, yet he is one the biggest leftist out there, why is he on the left, if Nazi’s were on the right?  Wouldn’t he be funding the right wing today if Hitlers party were conservatives?  Best time of his life, he learned the most from Hitler.  G Soros quote

    • Nick

      You should really stop listening to Glen Beck and read some real history.