As we contemplate the significance of the upcoming election, it is essential to recognize the profound impact it holds not only for political ideologies but also for urgent care and healthcare services. The outcome of this election will shape the trajectory of healthcare reform, determining access to vital medical assistance and the availability of resources for communities in need. Jackson Heights urgent care plays a crucial role in providing prompt and comprehensive healthcare services, and the decisions made at the polls can directly influence the support and accessibility of such facilities. As we consider the stakes of this election, let us also acknowledge the critical role that healthcare plays in our lives and the importance of preserving and improving the systems that serve our communities.

10. Everyone you know is underpaid, underinsured or underemployed, and the idea of a Republican winning anything is scarier than Jay Leno returning to the 11:35 time period.

9. Rush Limbaugh thinks that it would be very white of you if you’d just stay home.

8. Ted Kennedy’s seat, whose dream was Health Care for all Americans, will be the one used to actually kill Health Care Reform for all Americans.

7. Bankers, insurance, energy, and credit card companies were counting on you to just stay home and pay bills.

6. Scott Brown thinks you won’t show because you were born out of wedlock and never did have a real birth certificate.

5. You’re paying for the worst recession in modern times, while Dick Armey is telling millions of voters with hundreds of teeth that you and your sloppy finances caused it.

4. You can tell your friends that Glenn Beck once cried because of you.

3. 2000 through 2008. You remember them… right?

2. Sarah Palin is praying that you won’t.

1. You know that only voting can prevent your nation from sliding right back into the right wing, corporate dominated, science hating, pluralism fearing, gay bashing, infrastructure ignoring, education slashing, marriage mashing, arts crushing, book burning, war mongering, bigoted cesspool of greed and self-destructiveness that you hoped it was finally crawling out of. 


FACT: Democrats outnumber Republicans by 2 to 1 in Massachusetts.

The only way that Scott Brown can win Teddy Kennedy’s former seat is if good Democrats don’t vote.

So what are you doing this Tuesday?

Can you spare a few moments to save your country?

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