My Definitions

These are definitions I have created at  If you visit them, please vote them "thumbs up?" Thanks!   Note: All terms are to the best of my knowledge, my creations, except where indicated by "*", in which case, I was defining a term coined by others.

* As far as I am aware, Hatriot was first coined by me, but it's not my definition at UD. I'd been using it for over 15 years online, and I am widely credited with first use by many, especially on Twitter where I've used it regularly since 2007. I originally used it in an AOL chat room. A Lycos search at that time (there was no Google) turned up 0 hits. Someone finally added it to Urban Dictionary last winter, when Twitter people were retweeting it almost daily.

** Teapublican was my definition, but I did not coin the term.

About Urban Dictionary

I'm learning that sometimes you have to sidestep certain Wingnut hall monitors at Urban Dictionary to get some terms published. It's really too bad Urban Dictionary is such a poor product. The concept really needs to be done properly, with more respect for crowd sourcing protocols.  It's just too easy for random trolls to "judge" what gets submitted, with no real appeals process short of just resubmitting the whole definition again and hoping for a new reviewer. Ever so lame.