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Last night…

journalist and commentator, GoldieTaylor told a remarkable story to @CNN’s Don Lemon. She was inspired to tell it by the grotesque story of accused predator, former Penn State football coach, Jerry Sandusky.

She not only told of the horror of her own abuse, and that of other high school cheerleader classmates at the hands of a high school football coach, but even decided to “out” her tormentor’s identity, as well.   This added act of courage makes her story all the more special, because so few victims ever do that. And she decided to do it knowing full well it may have serious legal consequences. She sounds fully prepared for those, even welcoming of them.

I haven’t asked Goldie whether it was planned or not, but around 1:15 pm yesterday, she just started tweeting her story on Twitter, almost as a preview of what she would discuss on @CNN last night. As so often happens on Twitter, her thread gained traction almost immediately, and many thousands were transfixed as her history unfolded like a painfully grim fairy tale. I was on the phone at the time, but was seeing random remarks pointing to the thread, and only later did I fully learn about what had happened.

While Goldie is always eloquent and insightful on TV, I thought everyone should see the original tweets as they unfolded on Twitter. So I asked my ever-useful friend @dvnix to pull the tweets together into a contiguous story, minus some extraneous tweets that didn’t seem essential to her tale.  He graciously did so, and you can now see Goldie’s story unfold as so many did before she went on TV to tell it verbally, as she did again on @TheLastWord, and probably will again a few hundred more times going forward.

Goldie’s Story, as told on Twitter.

Stories like Goldie’s need telling…

and too few journalists with the skills to tell them this well ever come forward to tell them.  We need more people with such courage, and not just in matters of child abuse.  Whether in the form of domestic spousal abuse, rape, workplace discrimination, or even the cultural economic abuse that Occupy Wall Street is dramatizing, we’re all enduring different forms of abuse at the hands of many abusers.  And we all need to find an inner strength to step up, step forward, speak out, act out, and start to change whatever status quo that abuses us. Silence is a mask that evil wears defiantly. It must be ripped away so that justice can show its face.

Thank you Goldie, for tearing one off for us.

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As you might imagine, the accused coach has lawyered up.


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  • Lamarkmiller

    Goldie,I just post as lamarkmiller,my name is Joice Miller,I was 15 yrs old when my step father sexual assual assault me,I then wrote my mother a letter telling her what he had done to me and then I ran away from home and never looked back.Then when I was 20 yrs old on my way to my midnite job while living in Chicago 1-21-1979 is when I was kidnapped,That case went to trial and I won.the two names that I will never forget is Harold Gordon and Demetrius Johnson.God is great at the time of that incident I was had a court appointed attorney his name is Kevin Sweeney and mine was Joice Swiney,the judge name wasTimothy Joseph Joyce.After 30 yrs I reunited with Mr. Kn Sweeney just to say Thank You

  • Lamarkmiller

    Goldie you are amazing,I’m a survior of a sexual assault,it’s the family secret that no one wants to talk about.In January 21st I was kidnapped by two men that were brother in-laws,by the grace of GOD I was able to escape.I have seven sister that I have no relationship with because I expose the family secret.I to know how it feels to tuck it away and try to move on with your life,when I saw you last nite your tears,I felt your pain your hurt your fear

  • qzgun

    Thanks to Goldie, and to Shoq for the thoughtful comments. I must commend Goldie for speaking up and out, and encourage others to follow suit, wherever and whenever they are ready, willing & able to blow the whistle.

  • Goldie

    Thank you, Shoq.

  • Anonymous

    It takes courage, especially for women these days. Like in the Anita Hill case, the gop carefully had her testify later when the cameras were not rolling. Cheers to Goldie, sometimes we do get to tell our story. Such a horrible way to live knowing you have been abused.

  • Anonymous

    Good job bringing this story out. It is the only way to hold these vicious animals accountable and to mete out justice. The good old boy’s club has been hiding/covering up this type of abuse for way too long, and that includes the clergy, Boy Scouts, and persons of authority who abuse with impunity. 

  • I only hate I read the story on Mediaite. The comments there represented the sediment in the cesspool.

    • Goldie

      I read them. And it was hurtful.

      • Trolls for the sake of trolling. Sometimes I weep at the base level of discourse displayed on the Internet.

  • It’s time for men & women, boys & girls, to come out about their abuses. It’s time we, as a society, demanded accountability for these heinous acts of violation from the perpetrators. It’s time we stopped blaming victims. It’s time.