Wendell Potter, the former health insurance who has exposed much of that industry’s lies and deceptions, has recently called for more videos precisely like this one:


In August of 2009, my brother and I went to a family summer camp in Ontario.  While there, we decided we’d use his little family cam and do some interviews with real Canadians, discussing their health care system.  But for a few prepared questions, it was completely unscripted. Most of the people were all from a small Island community.

It was far more successful than we dreamed, mainly because it exposed just how little the American media—or its the government—were really doing to tell the truth about the Canadian health system.  It’s received tens of thousands of YouTube views, and almost as many comments. It was also blogged by Huffington Post, and received over 1000 comments.

As of today (3/25/2010), the United States has just made a giant step toward finally providing some basic health care for its people.  It was made difficult mostly because of a half-century of selfish, corporate, and Republican resistance and malfeasance. 

It’s a big step, but only the very first step. The goal must be a true single payer system, every bit as good as the one you are about to hear about in this video.



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  • Mitt Romney will save us from the evil of ObamaCare.  He has promised that the first day as President he will abolish it.  The ignorant masses of America will vote for that clown.  If that happens, I want to seek refuge in Canada. 

  • KLySha

    Great video…when I was in Canada I too talked to Canadians about their healthcare…they had almost nothing negative to say about it. Then while I was there I had a snowmobile accident and actually experienced their system first hand. Of course I’m an American so I had to pay for my service. Stitches, x rays other emergency room fees. I paid a flat $100 on the spot for the stitches directly to the doctor. Then I paid about $850 for the remainder of my visit. Something tells me the same visit would have cost FAR more in the US. (my insurance reimbursed me $750 of these costs …9 months after my ER visit) I did have a long wait in the ER but guess what ER waits are horrendous here too. Other than that the care I received was just as good as what I would have gotten in the US for a lot less money. The people defending the overpriced and often crappy care we get in the US are obviously brainwashed. No Canada’s system isn’t perfect but people in Canada also aren’t going broke or dying because they don’t have coverage.

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